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Halloween Giveaway DAY 1 – Win a Super Spooky 66 Seed Bundle

It’s the spookiest time of the year but here at Seedsman, we are playing no tricks. Instead, for the next three days we are giving away some incredible treats!

Today, we are offering one lucky customer the chance to win a huge 66 seed bundle.

How to Enter

Simply complete one of the following options to be eligible for the prize:

  1. Share this post on Facebook, OR
  2. Tag a friend in the Facebook Post, OR
  3. Share a page from on Facebook, OR
  4. Comment on the Blog

The Prize

This epic 66 seed bundle includes the following:

  • 20x Girl Scout Crack Fem from Seedsman
  • 5x Cheese Fem from Dready Seeds
  • 5x Big Bud XXL Fem from Ministry of Cannabis
  • 6x Kookies Fem from Moxie Seeds
  • 5x Chocolate Mint OG Fem from Humboldt Seeds
  • 5x Northern Light Auto Fem from Royal Queen Seeds
  • 5x Red Purps Fem from Female Seeds
  • 5x Russian Auto from Exotic Seeds
  • 5x Original Bubblegum from TH Seeds
  • 5x Blue OG Fem from G13 Labs


  • This Giveaway will begin on Sunday 29th October at 12:00 noon GMT and will end Monday 30th October at 11:59pm GMT
  • Only one entry per person. Multiple Facebook shares will still only entitle you to one entry.
  • The winners of the Halloween competitions will be announced after the entire promotion has ended.



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  • John Embree

    wow nice giveaway enter me in this!!!

  • Penny Cornell

    Absolutely love you guy, you do amazing give aways πŸ™‚ top work!!

  • Johnny Smith

    So glad to find you guys. Sure hope I win this though

  • Andy Lee

    You guys are the best! Really could use the win on this one πŸ‘

  • Sue Dussault-Eddins

    You guys are by & far the best company! Legalize!

  • Tony E

    Hey all great seeds awesome people look no further for the best!!!

  • Rogue Brewer

    I’m looking for a new seedbank and I like what I see . Seedsman also has a great reputation and it seems you really do care about your customers .

  • Henry Deer

    I’ve been non-stop reading the whole blog! Enjoying it! Sounds great! That’s a huge giveaway, good luck to everyone! πŸ™‚

  • Ryan Lord

    You guys are by far the best company in Canada. #Legalize

  • Nebulas Michael

    Great giveaway….. count me as entered please

  • Tim

    Another fantastic giveaway. Thanks for all your awsomeness Seedsman. Sign me up for a chance to win that smokin’ seed list.

  • John Frakes

    Seedsman is just the best! And these giveaways simply sweeten the deal. Thanks for being you Seedsman!

  • SΓ©rgio Bruno Ferreira Gomes

    Great giveaway, count me on please!

  • Oily Mark

    Nice 1 Seedsman…preparing my order right now.keep up the good work

  • Matt Enmark

    Great giveaway. Just waiting for the promo to pop in 15 hours to place my order.

  • flyindevil

    Looks like some tasty genetics!

  • Sam Weaver


  • Mark Vierra

    I definitely need this

  • Wizsteve Wiz

    like winning the lotto never going to happen but we all keep trying lol

  • Bruno904

    i need these genetics

  • Susie Q

    Wow these would be great to win!

  • Ki Ke

    Amazing strains!!
    Mmmmm cookies!

  • danschu

    Awesome giveaway!!!

  • kimj1129

    Wow!! That would be a huge help to me in relieving my chronic pain–would love to win that!!

  • Kay Gray Schrock

    That’s a lot of stuff.

  • Sergiu

    this would be the best halloween ever to get this prize πŸ˜€

  • Sean Brooks Sr.

    Awesome!!! This could surely help so many patients who struggle to afford good genetics or medicines!! Thank you for the opportunity!!
    Best Wishes Everyone!!!

  • Brian Garling

    Wow this prize pack is insane!

  • disqus_QOR2xfeFO6

    I’M PETRIFIED !! That I”ll have a heart attack if I won this fabulous prize.

  • Hazy Garden


  • Jeff Sproule

    You certainly do have the best giveaways ,Thank you,,a very Happy Halloween for someone ,,good luck everyone

  • Gopesh Dasa

    wow seedsman’s spookyest ever give away, loving this red purps, that would be a lot of beans to add to a already great collection!!!

  • Lorna Meikle Tytherley

    Amazing give away guys thank you for this opportunity to try win these amazing gifts xx

  • zyad al-adawy

    love to try out your strains, much love xx

  • Dena Holland

    What an amazing give away! Very generous! I have my fingers crossed!

  • Trevor Shawn

    wow what an amazing give away, i love you seedsman! <3

  • Paul Horgan

    That right there is the start of an epic seed collection. As always you don’t disappoint. Thanks for the chance.🌱

  • Ilker Canpolat

    woww that’s great. Much love β™₯

  • Chase Putnam

    Wow!! Sounds like an amazing prize! Thanks for all you do Seedsman!! πŸπŸ’š

  • Fe Leal

    Let’s grow them!

  • Diego Santos Seabra

    That is totally awesome! You guys rock!

  • Guillaume Iwasiak

    Thank you Seedsman, another incredible contest.
    What to make the happiness of a grower !!!

  • Jamio Rasta

    Amazing strains!! Seedsman πŸ™‚ (y)

  • Jean Talon

    Nice genetics there! Thanks for the giveaway seedsman!

  • Keven Tremblay

    Thanks again for this giveaway seedsman πŸ™‚

  • Bryant Jarrell


  • David Whitehurst

    Thanks for the chance

  • Shawn Newman

    Trick or Treat!

  • ben hinkson


  • Ian Glover

    Good luck everyone

  • SΓ©rgio Bruno Ferreira Gomes

    Count me in, please!!!

  • Melinda Fullington

    Thanks so much

  • Duran Bromfield
  • Ray Fenner

    OMGoodness , How SWEET i would be

  • Dale Martin

    Yes pleaseee!

  • Jon Sexton

    This would be a great birthday present.

  • Jesse Enloe

    Lets do it. You guys are awesome!!!!

  • Nata Zima

    i like it)

  • Sergey Tkachov

    it is good)

  • Adam Myers

    Happy Halloween everyone!

  • George Patterson

    this would be so good to win !

  • John Flanigan

    Good luck to all…

  • Alberto Yerba Wena

    Nice work. And good luck everyone

  • bob the sponge

    bee+lejuice said go 4 i+
    so here i am
    good luck peeps

  • Billy Sanford

    Sweet ass bundle

  • Tastic7

    I would love to have those seeds! Seedsman rocks!

  • roberto

    Like and share this draw is awesome terrorific.

  • Leah Simulis

    Beautiful! πŸ™‚
    Im in!

  • Rodrigo A. Meza Honores

    Grow your own!

  • Jessica

    This is a bootiful contest! Good luck all!

  • Peter Lang

    Another awesome seedsmen giveaway! Thank you!

  • Sandra B

    Happy Halloween! What an amazing giveaway! Good Luck Everyone!

  • Logan Pradel

    Thank u for given me a chance to win.

  • darren d supertramp

    Yet another solid contest by seedsman. Good luck people, theres some solid genetics in this bundle!

  • theuglytree

    trick or treat πŸ™‚

  • Aj Thurman

    Would be a perfect Halloween here on Route 66..

  • David Ledinsky

    Thanks Seedsman for this outstanding offer Good Luck to All…BOO

  • Mickey James

    Great give away

  • Redwan Haris

    Good luck to everyone!! p/s. my birthday falls on the 31st of Oct. 😜

  • Rick Streb

    Sherman beans are nothing but the best. I can’t wait to get my chance of Halloween give away

  • Luis Aguada

    What do you get when you drop the pumpkin? Squash. Lol, remember don’t eat any open candy.

  • sergio

    Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!

  • Arno Lbzh

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  • John Coulthard

    Oh please… this would be so super sweet.

  • Michael

    Thanks guys for another great chance to win something!!!!

  • Frank


    luckily Seedsman is never scary

    Thank you for the contest

  • Matt Enmark

    For a twisted good time!

  • Ryan Beck

    Another great opportunity, thank you.

  • Craig Hartsough

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity Seedsman! Happy Halloween!!

  • Kevin Ekelson

    great site and people who work for seedsman give great (the best) explanation on taking care of the seeds

  • Rob Hopkins

    I need this!

  • Mil Berry

    Wow I love seedsman I have their blueberry and their Bubba kush would love to run some of these

  • sebastian

    olee grandes seedsman muchas gracias por poder participar ,suerte a tod@s y muchas gracias brothers

  • Jason Adams

    Would love to get a bundle like that hope everybody is getting there treats

  • Jason Hamilton

    Seedsman seeds the best and most successful seed bank I have ever had the pleasure of patronising! Truly great, knowledgeable and accurate seed bank.

  • Tommie Vu

    Could definitely use 66 seeds would keep me going for awhile. Go seedsman!!

  • Kevin Knecht

    oh mama!

  • Rick

    That would be epic to win! count me in!

  • LawDGSus

    This is awesome! I wish I could share this on fb , but the way my friends list is setup… You know… Free the leaf !

  • Andy Dietrich


  • Rob Laffoon

    Oh please allow me to enter and win….thanks

  • Drop Bear

    I Love this company!

  • Achie

    lets go again cheers and peace!!

  • Jason Rocky Smith

    Oh my days need to get in on this who knows one thing i do know is really really could do with the good luck thank you seedsman for giving us all the chance like and shared

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    Luck be the lady, thanks for the great giveaway.

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    Oh wow what a frighteningly spooktacular competition

  • Rosita GF

    as I love this halloween draw 66 seeds nothing more and nothing less. an impressive draw.Like and share .Thank you very much for this opportunity

  • Matt Richmond

    Me want

  • Jimmy Shane Bates

    Heck yes I’m in to win thanx @SeedMan for the chance liked and shared on Facebook

  • Ronald Frazier

    Thank you for this Entry Seedsman. πŸŽƒπŸŒ±πŸŽƒπŸŒ±πŸŽƒ

  • Colonial Cousin

    Fingers crossed, this awesome give away will come this way πŸ™‚ Great job Seedsman, keep ’em coming!

  • Scott Tatem

    So much want!

  • Leon

    A spooktacular contest!

  • Mary Connors

    love Seedsman come to your page and site all the time to learn new strains and order others. Also great information in the emails

  • Justin dolan

    Thanks for the 666 promo & giveaways, free is always my favorite price!

  • ClΓ©ment AndrΓ©

    seedsman super banque de seed je recommande vivement πŸ˜‰

  • Brodie Hodson

    Seedsman your the best got all the info and everyone’s favourite strains we love you

  • william jones

    Would love to win this.

  • Clara Thomas

    Damn that’s an awesome seed pack to win! Fingers crossed, good luck everyone!

  • Nikki

    Awesome giveaway, good luck everyone!

  • wispa1a

    Wow love this one.

  • wispa1a

    I will share also

  • JohnEzB

    I could definitely use this deal!!!

  • curbiechris

    placed an order today using bitcoin.

    halloween bundle + bitcoin bundle + ace promo seeds + 8 free seeds with 100euro purchase = 29 free seeds and 15% off.

    thanks seedsman

  • Mary Mack

    Seedsman is so nice to give away free product like this. My son always enters but never wins so it’d be fun to win so I can gift him the seeds. Good luck seedsman customers!!

  • Ian Schlesinger

    Looks like a great mix! I grew and crossed a few Seedsman genetics this past grow, always trusted and solid.

  • Jackin Meoff

    lets go zoidberg

  • Paul Proudman

    Yes please

  • Sam Weaver

    Yummmm girl scout crack sounds dope! πŸ˜›

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    Awesome prize once again seedsman. Good luck to all.

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    🌬🌬🌬πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ🌲🌲🌲 Carmel Kush 6 seeds planted 6 seeds up!! 🀘🀘🀘

  • Ruben

    That would be a great starter pack

  • Michelle Thompson

    Help cannabis run wild through the trees and along the streams as she was meant to be like the California poppies. 66 seeds would sure help make mother earth green as nature intended. 🌎🌸🌲🌈

    Happy Halloween to all and a happy harvest season.

  • 0u88

    dang bro

  • Mark freeman

    good luck guys shared on my fb account crossing my fingers

  • ζ± η‘žζ΅©

    I hope I can be the lucky one

  • Steven Johannes Friedauer

    Seedsman have the best competitions liked shared and keep up the awesome comps

  • Alexander Morales

    Lucky me!

  • Would be a dream come true to actually win this epic giveaway!

  • haehnchen1996

    Good luck everyone! πŸ™‚

  • Chris Bernier

    Count me in! Love you seedsman you guys are the best!

  • Casey Canham

    Yeah awesome

  • Timothy Mcmackin

    Girl scout crack makes this well worth it

  • Lucas Pereira do Amaral

    I want them

  • Lucas Pereira do Amaral

    I want them.

  • Richard De Leon

    Great Organization!!! Hope I win. Good luck to all.

  • Steven W

    Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance to enter. Good luck everyone.

  • David Perkins

    I could use these

  • Bucky Linderman

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway it would b so cool to win all them seeds.

  • Casey

    Thanks Seedsman for all of your awesome products and promotions. I hope I win one of your giveaways someday, until I do I guess I’ll just have to keep trying!

  • Mark Troxell

    Scary, good deal!!!!

  • Mickey James

    Awesome job seedsman

  • Phillip Galan

    How Exciting!!

  • Gus Ferguson

    danks for the chance!

  • Darrell Lemke

    This would clean up my MJ bucket list.

  • Diego

    Those seeds are already mine! Awesome seedsman.

  • Mick Hein

    Great promo!!

  • Jef Girard

    Very cool and an awesome assortment! πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

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    Another awesome opportunity. Thank you

  • The Commodore


  • Kenny Vigeant

    Thanks for the opportunity~!

  • Omar Mercado

    Oh my days! This giveaway is crazy. I reckon we are all very excited for this opportunity. Good luck to all and thanks swordsman!

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    Oh I hope hope hope I’m picked.

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    wow, excellent giveaway!

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    This would be nice to win. Nice assortment. Good luck!!

  • Craig Lysak

    Heck Ya let me get my hands on all those seeds!

  • Sherry Owens

    What a sweet thing to do! And such a generous prize pack! You are awesome! Shared and thank you for the chance!

  • Robert Baker

    You guys are Absolutely the best company ever!!

  • ramsmob

    shared and linked on facebook, these competitions are great and good seeds arrive no doa in my last lot πŸ™‚

  • FastGM3

    Great giveaways from seedsman, just placed my first order today. I’m stoked

  • realtalk

    Grow em big

  • randy mcvey

    that would be great

  • Jerele Bain

    I hope I win… I never win nothing

  • Jeremy Sherard Quiller

    I would love to win this

  • Ronald Frazier

    Thank you for this Entry for this wonderful Giveaway Seedsman. Happy Halloween πŸŽƒπŸŒ±πŸŽƒπŸŒ±πŸŽƒπŸŒ±πŸŽƒThank You for this Contest Entry. πŸ€žπŸŽƒ

  • Mark freeman

    when the winner get announced for this one?

  • Trevor Shawn

    Who won this?

    • wispa1a

      Only one entry per person. Multiple Facebook shares will still only entitle you to one entry.
      The winners of the Halloween competitions will be announced after the entire promotion has ended.

  • Kelly Edward Hatfield

    Fantastic company, ordered many times with no problems.

  • LeslieKim KimKim

    I really hope to win.. Good luck. Thanks for the chance

  • Peanutt

    Am I in the blog for giveaway

  • alex

    Sharing now. About to order my grow kit and this would get me started on my first grow.

  • Vince

    Hope I win

  • Joe Reitmeyer

    Happy Halloween!!!

  • sebastian

    who has been the winner

  • Tom Haag

    I love Halloween ! I also love this competition !

  • Sam Weaver

    Red purps sound amazeballs

  • Roger C

    All ready shared and liked awhile back, but throwing in a comment for the win…YEAH!! Practicing for the Win.

  • Mickey James

    Who won?

  • Ki Ke

    … and the winner is… ???

  • marjuanina weed

    am i too late to join the contest? I really want to join and with those tremendous seeds.They are not cheap to buy.I ordered some seeds here But They didnt come over one month .Maybe was lost due to switching to bad local Mail services.The Seedsman staff.said They Will ship agian.Sounds It was a good company with good reputation and responsibility.If I Can win this contest ,I Can really cover up my time lost.I cant wait to grow my marijuana and taste the buds.Just still waiting for the seeds.The international services is too slow.I am from China where is no Royalmail services so Mails over here always got lost or stolen.

  • marjuanina weed

    Is Halloween festival over already? I wish I win anyway.

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