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Halloween Giveaway DAY 3 -Win a Sensational 66 Seed Bundle

On the final day of our Halloween promotion, we are giving our customers yet another chance to win a 66 seed bundle!

This is the last giveaway of the Halloween season, so make sure to enter if you have missed out on our other giveaways this week!

How to Enter

Simply complete one of the following options to be eligible for the prize:

  1. Share this post on Facebook, OR
  2. Tag a friend in the Facebook Post, OR
  3. Share a page from on Facebook, OR
  4. Comment on the Blog

The Prize

This final 66 seed bundle includes the following:

  • 20x Girl Scout Crack Fem from Seedsman
  • 5x Nitro Express Fem from Kaliman Seeds
  • 5x Big Bud XXL Fem from Ministry of Cannabis
  • 5x LA Confidential from DNA Genetics
  • 5x Blue OG Fem from G13 Labs
  • 5x Northern Light Auto Fem from Royal Queen Seeds
  • 6x Kookies Fem from Moxie Seeds
  • 5x Sex Bud from Female Seeds
  • 5x Blueberry Cheesecake from Female Seeds


  • This Giveaway will begin on Tuesday 31st October at 11:59pm GMT and will end Wednesday 1st November at 11:59pm GMT
  • Only one entry per person. Multiple Facebook shares will still only entitle you to one entry.
  • The winners of the Halloween competitions will be announced after the entire promotion has ended.


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  • Terry Bush

    I love Seedsman.

  • Hazy Garden


  • Matt Enmark

    I usually grow autos, but if I win this I will get a tent.

  • Peanutt

    Just placed my seedsman order am I in giveaway also

  • Boom Bastic

    Oh please! Pretty please!

  • RT

    I just placed an order for some favorite strains. This prize would round off my collection and give me a chance to try some other breeders.

  • curbiechris

    great halloween contest, seedsman

  • Oily Mark

    Seedsman are frickin awesome…..
    Check this out guys this is my order………..

    Items in your order SKU Qty
    Auto Sour Livers Feminised Seeds (Artisanal Automatics) – 18

    MEPH-SOLIV-AUTO-Fem-18 1
    FREE – FREE SEEDS from Mephisto Genetics – Ripley OG Auto Feminised – Freebie worth €13

    FREE – FREE SEEDS from RQS – Northern Lights Auto – Freebie worth €65

    FREE-RQS-NL-10 10
    FREE – 666 Halloween Promotion Bundle – 8 Seeds

    FREE – Kush Auto by Seedsman – Freebie Worth €16

    FREE-420-SMAN-KUSH 2
    FREE – Diesel Automatic Fem by Royal Queen Seeds – Freebie Worth €14

    FREE-420-RQS-DA 2
    FREE – Auto Lemon by Seedsman Seeds – Freebie Worth €16

    FREE – Sour Hound Auto by Mephisto Genetics – Freebie Worth €16

    FREE-420-MEPH-SH 2
    Thank you again,

    TOTAL..52 seeds…with my loyalty points discount. £122

    Thank you rock

  • Cody Cordova

    Yall are the best!! Hands downn hope I Winn

  • Mark Paul Churchill

    Super scary prizes from Seedsman for halloween you guys are the best good luck every one

  • Frank J

    Happy Halloween, thank you for the contest

  • Kali Rae Perrone

    I love contests! Thank you!!

  • Andy Lee

    Maybe I can win this because it looks like my bitcoin transfer is going to take to long to take advantage of the 666 sale 🙁

  • Susie Q

    I don’t beg,but I will make an exception in this case.”Please let me win”.

  • BurningShaman

    Such an amazing collection of breeders and huge selection, each purchase has been a pleasure!

  • James McGregor

    WOW. first plants from my first purchase ready to harvest! Couldn’t have done it without seedsman being there, not only providing the seeds, but the blogs and articles gave me all the know-how to get this far. Lets just say that a test smoke of just the leaves totally blew my socks off. Can’t wait to try the bud. Building that next *huge* order from seedsman…

  • Ki Ke

    Seedsman, you are THE BE(A)ST site!
    Amazing contest(s) !!!!

  • Joe Reitmeyer

    Happy Halloween!

  • Mickey James

    Wow is all I can say

  • Tony Roberts

    Merry Christmas!

  • Sara Beth

    As a military veteran and Cannabis prescriber, I can guarantee that these seeds will ALLLLLL go to good use, and be grown with the best quality control in existence. These tiny seeds provide hope and healing to many of my patients around the world. I am a proud Cannabis advocate, and believe in it’s healing properties… I do not support those who have contests on who can ingest the most…. that’s unprofessional. I grow the best Cannabis around, and would be honored to have these beans in my inventory. <3 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

  • Justin dolan

    66 beautiful beans, thanks much for the giveaway bud bonanza

  • Shawn Newman

    Trick or Treat! 🙂

  • Tiff Rodriguez

    Happy Halloween!! 🎃

  • Brian Mckay

    Happy Halloween From Canada

  • Chris Bernier

    Happy Halloween, Thanks Seedsman!

  • Randahl Turner

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Nikki

    Happy Halloween!!! Good luck everyone!!

  • Randahl Turner

    Thank you for the opportunity! Happy Halloween! I just had brain surgery on September 8th, I could put those seeds to good use.

  • Ken Lewis

    Good luck everyone!

  • sebastian

    Happy Halloween!

  • Tejay Morrell

    Happy Halloween 🎃🎃

  • Dan Townsend

    Nice bundle!

  • darren d supertramp

    Happy Halloween seedsman

  • Jennifer Riojas

    Nice giveaway! Good luck everyone! Happy Halloween!

  • Mary Mack

    Hi again seedsman, !! Thanks for all the great opportunities to win free high quality genetics, my son will love it!! Good luck seedsman customers!!!

  • Lonny Mcdonald

    Wow you guys rock. Please send some love this way

  • Seth Fleharty

    Cool givesway

  • FastGM3

    buying seeds yesterday was like playing a video game. Everytime I added seeds to my cart, the screen kept flashing messages giving me additional seeds FREE. I can’t wait to start germinating.

  • Mike Nestlerode

    Hook me up! I need some of that good good you already kno! 420 blaze it!

  • David Whitehurst

    Thanks for the chance Seedsman, good luck everyone

  • Brandon Hensley

    Bean giveaway extravaganza is extra awesome!

  • Jason Koster

    Love to win this even half of it would be great thanks guys for running yet another amazing giveaway

  • Keven Tremblay

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway seedman 🙂

  • Ronald Frazier

    Happy Halloween #SeedsmanRocks! Thank You for this wonderful Entry into this Giveaway. Good luck Everyone 🤞🎃🤞🎃🤞

  • Michelle Waites

    Happy Samhain!

  • Jeff Sproule


  • Mickey Nuttall

    Seedsman Is Da Best!!!!
    Much Luv from the PNW!!!

    (Seedsman Has Tight Gene’z!!!) =]

  • Dave

    This would more to me than you can even imagine… I need the CBD’s… Good luck everyone!

  • Logan Pradel

    Happy Halloween, Thanks Seedsman

  • Canna Logs

    Awesome guys idk how you do it.

  • ben hinkson

    Danks giving.

  • Jackin Meoff

    papa needs a new bag of beans

  • Vicki Behrens

    Good luck everyone. Love the selection…can any mix be less than awesome?

  • Damon Nutsford

    Wow what a giveaway .. Can’t wait to win it hehe Thanks SM!!

  • djbsmity

    I would to win this. S/o to seedsman

  • danschu

    Sensational 66 !

  • Adrian Oxide

    love to win this!

  • Don Mayham

    This would be a much needed surprise! Good Luck Everyone!

  • picatchuful

    Moi je veux gagner

  • flyindevil

    Nice selection, good prizes for whosever lucky enough to win!

  • 0u88


  • randy mcvey

    seedman best seedbank on the planet…good luck everyone

  • Nata Zima

    Bom Bom Bom

  • Brent Willes

    Hey guys thanks for the opportunity. Also not trying to be a stickler but I’m only counting 61 am I missing something?

    • Mickey James

      I thought I’d forgotten how to count, I counted 10 Times that’s what I came up with also 61

  • Jeremy Lee

    Awesome competition!!! best of luck to all and Happy Halloween 👻

  • Uladzimir Kudzin

    Усім прывітанне !!! Я вельмі кахаю свет !!!)

  • zyad al-adawy

    yes! thanks seedsman! 🙂

  • Trevor Shawn

    appreciate the chance to win, much love xx

  • LeslieKim KimKim

    I would love to win this…

  • Third and final awesome! .. boy if I would win this I would be sooooo stoked! Seedsman is the shit!!

  • Ben Jones

    you had me at blueberry

  • Rune Nielsen

    Wow… What an amazing give away!

  • Cameron Whittaker

    Once again awesome prize. Spreading the joy for recreational as well as medicinal users. Good luck to everyone.

  • Kathleen Katjes

    Nice, thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  • Alberto Yerba Wena

    Thanks for this nice chance

  • Ryan King

    Really want the girl scout crack please!! gl all

  • Jesse Enloe

    Pleaseeeee meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Etienne Bouchard

    Good luck to all

  • Bradac Velky

    Good luck everyone 🙂

  • Paul Horgan

    Besta luck all cant wait to see the winner.

  • Drop Bear


  • Abe Bewls

    good luck everybods

  • Kevin Knecht


  • Michael Wood

    Love to win this package.

  • Andreia Ferreira

    Good luck everybody

  • Ilker Canpolat

    Good luck & peace to all..♥

  • Kenny Carl


  • Tyrone From L.A

    Good luck everyone!! 🙂

  • Julius Schirmer

    quite a selection;)

  • Andriê Marchese


  • Angelo Grieco

    Good luck people! (Pity not any high CBD strain in the bundle!)

  • Michelle Bledsoe

    Good luck everyone! Thanks Seedsman for the shot to get done of your famous seeds.

  • Alex Di Cantuária


  • william jones

    last chance.good luck.

  • Javis Jt Stillis

    Hope I win, willing to share

  • wispa1a

    Fingers crossed

  • Ria Magan Patel

    Ready to be a winner

  • Roger C

    Big contest, done as only seedsman can.
    That said, I hope a loyal customer such as myself wins, I would do fine with these lovely gifts…

  • Jamio Rasta

    good luck

    • Bear Will

      Way to rock a Vikings world, seedsman !.

  • Michael Seals

    Heckin sweet. I would love to grow them babies.

  • Ger Ry

    dont won anything anytime 🙁

  • Debs Aura


  • Sérgio Bruno Ferreira Gomes

    Count me in please!!

  • Andre


  • Greg Phelps

    Mght as well try again. Thanks Seedsman!!

  • Michael Anthony Burke

    Good luck to everyone! Seedsman FTW!!

  • Ben Oakland

    Just ordered my first round of seeds from Seedsman. Keep them coming

  • Joshua Quick

    Happy day.

  • August Valentine

    Good luck!

  • Greg marion

    Amazing company with great products! Send them my way!

  • Lisa

    Fab comp again guys would be honered

  • Mickey James

    I really need this as my career is not going so well lol .

  • Kelly Edward Hatfield

    I have ordered all my seeds from the last two years and never been disappointed with Seedsman.

  • Maxwell Fynn

    One Love !

  • Bruno904

    I need these!!

  • Joey Dawson

    Large comp🙌

  • Loann

    Good luck , sure would be nice to win!

  • Ibrahim Aqeel

    Good luck

  • Dave

    This would be awesome!

  • Sam Weaver

    Just had my new seeds sent! Hope I get a couple freebies 😛

  • Ryan King


  • Dale Martin

    Always come through with these amazing giveaways!! Good luck everyone

  • Dale Martin

    One can wish!

  • Muhammad Tabatabaee

    such a nice team gathering holy seedsman!!!! Great job

  • Bobby Bunz

    Good Luck All!

  • Paul Proudman

    Pick me!

  • Terry Long

    What a great promo! Seedsman is a top notch company.

  • Cut Ball

    I sould win cause seedman is the world’s best seed bank and I’m there biggest fan for life thanks seedman I asked for quality easy seeds to grow my first harvest was spactacular you are the best

  • bob the sponge

    is i+ 2 la+e ?
    i wanna win !!!

  • Steven Johannes Friedauer

    Shared shared and shared, you guys always have the best competitions!!! Seedsman is awesome

  • Klemen Čadež

    i wanna winn

  • samantha morrison

    I would love to try seedsman so i can bye more please

  • John Coulthard

    was hoping

  • zebafella1


  • Ki Ke

    … and the winner is… ???

  • marjuanina weed

    How to win. If i win i Will post some growing pics on youtube verify It genuine

  • marjuanina weed

    hey .Can i deal with a seedman tatoos on my arm to win the contest .hahA. Sounds RoyalQueen dealthed that But is this company do?

  • Nate Woods

    Good luck to everyone

  • Alex Vortsman

    SEEDSMAN is a great store, love to do bussiness with them!!!

  • Mickey James

    Guess we’ll never know, now they have other contest where you have to have Facebook or Twitter lol … This isn’t really what it is, a game?

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