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How to Choose the Best Outdoor Strains for you

The beauty of growing cannabis is that there is a wide selection of outdoor strains to choose from.

However, some parts of the world may experience more ‘generous’ weather than others.

Much of the Northern Hemisphere is notorious for cold and wet conditions, whereas Southern Europe for example is exposed to a Mediterranean climate.

So how do you know which outdoor strain will suit your climate?

Below are five factors that you should consider when purchasing your next outdoor strains.

Location and Seasons

In Southern Europe, farmers will know that spring time will start in March with daylight hours extending from 12 hours of light to 14 hours by May.

This means as a grower you can plant your outdoor strains from seedling and allow them to naturally grow as the days become longer.

The temperatures are around 15C which means you can get a head start over growers living in Northern Europe.

With long summer months comes cool winter nights and for those who have the luxury of warmer weather, long flowering times can be an option.

We recommend Indica and Sativa hybrids for any beginners looking to start an outdoor grow. However, if you have the space, then you can grow enormous landraces and haze varieties.

In these parts of Europe, you can flower your outdoor strains for up to 12 weeks as harvest dates can be as late as November.

If you are living in the northerly States of America, Canada or the U.K for example, then you will need to wait until mid-April or early May before considering planting your outdoor strains.

At this time of the year, the night time temperatures can drop significantly which can lead to problems with the roots of the plant.

Knowing the seasons intimately is one way to influence your decision making when picking outdoor strains.

You will want to grow something that can tolerate cold nights as you look to harvest around the end of September. Skunk #1, Afghani and Northern Lights are excellent choices when it comes to resilience, consistency and an earlier flowering time than other outdoor strains.

For example, Early Skunk from Seedsman will flower in 7-8 weeks and has a high tolerance to mould and cold weather.

Alternatively, the strains in the Seedsman Fast collection are ideal for outdoor cultivation where early finishing is essential.

Resistance To Cold And Wet Weather

Living in any part of Northern Hemisphere can often come with climate challenges, so finding the ideal plant that can adapt to the heat of the Mediterranean and the Southern States or the cold nights on the East Coast can be a challenge.

When considering the sturdiness and reliability of a strain against environmental factors, you only need to look at the genetic lineage. Strains that generally perform well in colder harsher climates will be indica dominant plants.

Afghani and Kush strains which originate from the Himalayan mountains are genetically programmed to endure cold challenging night time temperatures. Strains such as Northern Soul, Mama Mia and Mazari are highly recommended for colder climates and beginner growers.

On the other hand, living further south opens you up to a mix of early finishing indica, mixed hybrid or long flowering sativa landraces. If you are going down this route, we strongly recommend Sensi Seeds NL#5 x Haze, Acapulco Gold by Barneys Farm and Sensi Seeds’ Jack Herer as great outdoor plants.

Limited Space

While outdoor cultivation offers you far more space than an indoor grow, there are still situations where discreet cultivation is key and therefore an inconspicuous outdoor area is required.

Try to remember that your plants will usually grow much bigger than you will anticipate and the final height is not always easy to estimate, especially in warmer climates. If you are able to grow multiple outdoor plants but are wokring in limited space, then growing small, squat, indica plants with multiple side branching is what you will need.

These cannabis strains will only grow to a medium height and when flowered, will not stretch as much as a wild sativa can. The characteristics of these strains display broad, dark green leaves with short internodal spacing, which can be easy to train and support when growing outdoors. This means you can grow a large sea of green and maintain a final height of 1-2 metres.

Medicinal Properties

If you are a medical patient or are seeking CBD rich strains, then selecting outdoor strains of medicinal cannabis to grow has never been so easy.

Some excellent CBD rich strains to grow outdoors are Seedsman’s CBD Critical Mass and CBD Hash Plant, or Medical Marijuana Genetics’ Orinoco (OR-1) and Candida (CD-1).

If you are growing this year to make extracts from your plants, then these 5 CBD rich hybrids are a superb choice. You can expect the to produce large harvests of highly therapeutic cannabis flower and very easy to grow outdoor strains.

Automatics and Fast For The Win

If you live in warmer climates, then Auto’s and Fast strains are a must have.

Growing Auto or Fast outdoor strains is a way to harvest multiple crops per year, or to at least make the most out the primary summer months. With plants finishing at a height of 60-90cm, the autoflowering varieties will produce good yields from dwarf sized plants.

The range of autoflowering genetics on the market today is very impressive and we would certainly recommend growing Seedsman’s Auto Lemon, Auto White Widow or Diesel Ryder Auto.

Alternatively, you can try the Seedsman Fast strain collection, which were released in 2017, by combining legendary photoperiod strains with a fast flowering mother.

The seven flagship strains all have a life cycle that can be completed in as little as eight weeks and have been created to grow up to two weeks faster than any photoperiod equivalent.

All strains in the collection flourish exceptionally well when grown outdoors and can be ready to harvest in September in northern latitudes due to their reduced flowering times.

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.


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