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How to Reuse Your Weed Stems with These Creative Hacks

Here’s a fun fact: if you’re throwing away your leftover hash stems, then you’re actually throwing away valuable THC, which can actually be extracted or infused into many wonderful things.

Once you have enough stems, you should really look into following the ideas we’ve detailed below – especially useful for weed users on a budget who really want to get the most out of their “merchandise” once it’s all done with.

There are actually a wide variety of things you can artistically craft out of used marijuana stems, such as making a topical lotion, bubble hash, or even a “trippy” cup of tea.

Before we get to the list of things you can create out of leftover weed stems, here’s fun fact #2: even though used stems don’t contain as much trichome as flowers and surrounding leaves, some of them have about 9% or more THC left over after use. That is, if your stems are high grade. But that’s not all – used weed stems also contain small amounts of CBD.

So without further ado, here are some clever and crafty ways to put those stems to good use:

Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis has recently garnered a lot of attention, thanks to its therapeutic potential for treating many ailments. Cannabis-infused topical can be used on the skin directly in the form of tinctures, balms or lotions. They can work wonders to provide quick relief from many symptoms.

Indica plant stems are ideal as they have a relatively high amount of CBD, which adds to the overall therapeutic potential of the topical solution. Depending on the intended use, you can add Vitamin E, Lavender and other essential oils to further boost benefits.

Engineering your own cannabis topical is as easy-peesy as cake. Allow your cannabis stems to be completely infused with coconut oil – remove the stems once the oil has been strained. Add an equal amount of beeswax and double the amount of almond oil to the strained mixture. FYI, olive oil works just as well.

Now that the base of your cannabis topical has been formed, you can add ingredients as you prefer, according to the positive effects you want to have on your skin, such as essential oils and such. Mix the ingredients completely and pour into a jar. If you’re looking to make a lotion out of your ingredients, then bypass the initial oil infusion and put the ingredients into molds before you store them away.

Since marijuana is now legal in a number of EU nations, weed users have been quick to switch to “alternative care” by re-using weed stems to cure ailments. So if you’re looking for relief from a number of ailments, making topical out of your cannabis is a fantastic idea. It not only protects but smells really great too.

THC Butter

Most weed users know a thing or two about making THC butter although not everyone is aware of the fact that it can be made just as easily from leftover weed stems.

To make a good amount of THC butter, you will need more than a handful of stems, so this particular innovation requires you to save stems for at least a few weeks to months.

THC butter is ideal for growers who want to maximise their yield for medicinal use by putting the entire crop to good use.

To kick things off, you need a reasonably powerful cannabis grinder to properly grind up all the cannabis stems. Once the stems have been grounded, put them in a saucepan along with some butter and let it cook for an hour at low-medium heat. Don’t move a muscle as you’ll need to stir the mixture frequently.

After the mixture takes a brownish hue, turn the heat off and strain the melted butter – this will remove any leftover debris. The liquid butter mixture can be used in any recipe where butter is needed. To save it for later, use a suitable container before tucking it away in the fridge.

Cannabis-infused Tea

Leftover cannabis stems can make for a very satisfying cup of tea with a much needed extra zing and flavour.

Cut your cannabis stems length-wise so that the white centre is visible – drop a few at the bottom of your mug. Pour boiling water in your cup, but leave it in for no more than 3 minutes as you don’t want an overly bitter taste. Filter out the stems and use more boiling water to make your regular tea.

Don’t expect this to get you high or anything although you may feel a strange and wonderful kind of calmness with the tea and weed stems combined. Good way to keep yourself warm and amused through the winter season, wouldn’t you say?

Keep in mind however, that plain cannabis tea only might taste a bit bitter and edgy, so go right ahead and add some herbs and sweeteners. Lemon, mint and honey can also be used to add flavour, especially if you’re the type that likes to avoid regular table sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Cannabis-infused Alcohol

Leftover cannabis stems can also be used to make a great alcohol-based tincture.

The method is easy enough in its own but you will need a mason jar full of stems before making a cannabis-infused alcoholic tincture.

Find a strong grain alcohol and fill up the mason jar all the way to the top. Place it in a cool and dark place. It typically takes a week for the cannabis to infuse completely into alcohol. And while it does that, you need to shake the jar on a daily basis.

Once a week has gone by, take the mixture and pour it through a strainer. This removes any additional debris or plant matter. You may have already heard pot smokers refer to this method as the “Green Dragon”.

Bubble Hash

Grind up the stems and put them in a jar with rubbing alcohol so that it covers practically every single stem. We’re going to make ourselves some bubble hash!

Shake the jar for about 10 minutes or so – you will start to see a greenish-brown mixture. However, don’t be puzzled if you see a slightly different hue as the colour can be influenced by the quality and type of stems.

Use a coffee filter to remove the stems from the mixture. Now let the mixture drip from the coffee filter into a Pyrex dish. Once all the mixture has been properly filtered and poured into the Pyrex dish, fill up a larger pan with boiling water – place the Pyrex dish right above the pan but don’t let it make contact with the water. Place a fan in front of the mixture to speed up the evaporation process.

Wait at least 10 hours before scraping the resin from the base of the Pyrex dish because it needs to evaporate completely which ensures the highest quality bubble hash.

You’re now left with full-melt bubble hash – pretty neat, considering that just a few hours ago, you had ‘useless’ cannabis stems.

Trippy Cocktails

We bet you didn’t know that used hash stems make for a pretty mean cocktail. There’s only one caveat though: it takes time and patience.

Creating a cannabis-infused cocktail is pretty simple. A jar overflowing with stems and really strong alcohol is all you need. Pour the alcoholic drink into the jar until it fills right up to the top. Seal the jar tightly and store it in a cool, dry place for at least a week. Make sure you give it a good shake every single day.

After a week has gone by, your cannabis-infused cocktail is ready. The next time you host a party, serve these “extra zingy” drinks to your guests – you’ll be the talk of the town for weeks to come!

Hemp Wick

Fact: smokers do not like butane flames. Well, most smokers, anyway. Why not make your own hemp wick then?

Cut across the stems until only strings are remaining. Once you have cut a few stems, you would have acquired enough strings to tie together so that ropes can be formed. Place the ends into beeswax and ensure that it dries out properly before you use it.

Express Your Artistic Side

Marijuana stems can be very versatile – if you only knew. Stems and buds can be used to create masterful art pieces. As of late, people have been cleverly using their weed stems to create artistic pictures and even jewellery. In fact, Dan Cretu, a well known food artist and illustrator, has made a fortune creating things from marijuana buds.

So go ahead and explore your artistic side. Fancy a “weedy” looking hairpiece for Halloween? Go right ahead!

Before You Throw Away Those Stems…

Why throw away perfectly reusable marijuana stems? A little bit of patience and creativity is all you need to get more mileage from your pot. Try some of the above and you will truly begin to appreciate the versatility cannabis stems offer.

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.


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