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Introducing “The Classic Line” from Philosopher Seeds

The Classic Line from Philosopher Seeds is the oldest of the collections available in our catalogue. It contains both the strains that have been in it the longest. Some of these strains, such as K13 Haze, have accompanied us more than ten years.

When we started this collection, the cannabis seed market was well developed and our intention was to try to bring about novelties, whether in terms of flavour, high, earliness or ease of cultivation… Our first strains were K13 Haze and Gokunk, which are both well-known seeds, but currently a little forgotten by seed banks.

With K13 Haze, we tried to develop a hybrid of Kali-Mist by Yumbolt from a selection of Wester Wind’s by Sagarmatha Seeds. This strain’s strength mainly relies on its crushing high, so it is not intended for use during the day as you easily lose track of what you are doing.

As for the second strain, Gokunk, we worked from a high-yielding Somango X Mazar hybrid with a Skunk aroma, which still reminds us of the Super Skunk’s renowned flavour.

After these first two genetics, Early Maroc became part of our catalogue. This strain is only intended for outdoor crops because it is a pure Ketama strain, which is harvested very early, between 15 and 30 August depending on latitude and time of planting. It is very suitable for northern Europe crops or areas where rainfall is very abundant in autumn.

Amnesika (Amnesia X Amnesia) also resulted from that period’s work. It is a very popular strain among growers and our friends. We tried to improve it to make it more stable, which was achieved by giving it Skunk genetics. It was not very apparent in terms of flavour, but it gave its offspring a lot of stability. Hence it was reborn under the name Amnesika 2.0 (AmnesiaXSkunk).

During the same period, we developed two strains that are no longer in our catalogue: White Afhgan and Yumbolt. Both were discontinued when our Tropimango was released. This is a great selection of Somango supplied by our friendly partner Zero-Zero grow shop from La Bisbal.

As soon as we had this phenotype in our hands, we crossed it with a wide variety of mothers, which we were interested in testing. As a result from this work, the said Tropimango strain was born (Tropimango X Tropimango), as well as Heavens Fruit (NYD x Tropimango) and Black Bomb (Black Domina X Tropimango). These are three strains with huge potential that rounded off what we believe to be a very exclusive collection of strains.

We would like to thank our colleagues and friends from Seedsman for their trust in our products and we hope to continue to work with them and to keep the friendship we have had for a long time.

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