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Jeff Sessions sued by 12-year-old who needs Medical Cannabis for her Epilepsy

In a true David versus Goliath story, a 12-year-old girl from Colorado is suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions for blocking access to medical cannabis.

Alexis Bortell and her family moved from Texas to Colorado to make use of the recreational cannabis laws in the state. Incredibly, since being given access to whole-plant medical cannabis in Colorado, young Alexis’ symptoms has improved dramatically and her seizures have almost completely halted.

However, the Bortell family are desperate to return home, including Alexis, who dreams of going to college in her home state. However, the current legal situation in Texas means that the family would be arrested if they were to bring their daughter’s medicine back home with them.

To try and combat this, the Bortell family along with a number of other medical cannabis advocates, including ex-NFL star Marvin Washington, have filed a lawsuit in New York against Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice and the DEA.

The lawsuit states; “This lawsuit stands to benefit tens of millions of Americans who require, but are unable to safely obtain, Cannabis for the treatment of their illnesses, diseases and medical conditions,”.

Jeff Sessions has yet to comment on the lawsuit but his negative views of cannabis in recent times indicates that he will fight to have the suit thrown out.

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