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Jeff Sessions to Remove Law Protecting Legal Cannabis States from Federal Intervention

In another move sure to upset supporters of legal cannabis access, Jeff Sessions has removed a law put in place by the Obama Administration, which could see federal crackdowns on cannabis users and cultivators, even in legal states.

Two separate sources spoke to the Associated Press on Thursday, and both have confirmed that Sessions plans to remove the law. This will once again hand attorneys across the country the power to decide how much of their states federal resources are used to fight cannabis use and cultivation.

This latest revelation is one of a number of decisions and comments made by Attorney General Sessions over the past year regarding his disdain for cannabis.

In March of last year, Sessions stated that he believed cannabis to be “hyped, maybe too much” amid questions on the changing tide of opinion from the American public. The following month, he admitted “surprise” to the negative reaction of his initial comments.

In May 2017, Congress blocked a bill which would have allowed Sessions to have direct responsibility regarding cannabis laws in the country.

While in November, a Governor from Maine blocked a recreational cannabis bill after receiving advice from the Attorney General, despite public opinion in the state supporting the legalization of the plant.


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  • Dave Hendershot


  • Tim

    Those in power do not care about the people, all they care about is maintaining and expanding the status quo of power, profit, and control.

  • Daniel Anderson

    Probably going to increase Cannabis support by doing this.

  • Lynda Bee

    All it will take is an executive order. I truly believe that President Trump, and even Congress for that matter, is a lot smarter than Sessions. Also, it would be wise for this country to take a look at Portugal’s success in legalizing ALL drugs, and now Norway. Lead by example.

    • Tim

      You think Trump is a lot smarter than Sessions? Dang that’s both some seriously low bars. Neither of those two are intelligent. But yes, an executive order could fix things, or Congress could change cannabis from a Schedule 1 which would mean Sessions would be effectively impotent.
      I agree that all drugs should be legalized (though there are some drugs that are nasty and shouldn’t be freely available, like ice), however there’s a whole heck of a lot of politics wrapped up the Drug War and a lot of money those in power could lose out on if weed were legalized (DEA, cops and other enforcement agencies, for-profit private prisons that make massive profits from non-violent drug offenses, Big Harma who could lose money from people fleeing opioids and other drugs and going towards cannabis, etc).

      Then there’s all the lies those in power would need to admit they lied about, and since when do the psychopaths in power ever apologize for lying and screwing up? They don’t. They lie more to cover their previous lies. They will not publicly admit that weed being made illegal had nothing to do with health or safety and everything to do with government racism and control.

  • Jesse L

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was being strong armed from the Cartels Or God forbid he is in bed with them. Don’t think he is too smart. Lots have millions invested. No way they are going to allow this non sense! If Trump doesn’t fire him or write executive order than he stands no chance at re-election. He better do whats right if he wants to stay President!

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