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Jeff Sessions to Remove Law Protecting Legal Cannabis States from Federal Intervention

In another move sure to upset supporters of legal cannabis access, Jeff Sessions has removed a law put in place by the Obama Administration, which could see federal crackdowns on cannabis users and cultivators, even in legal states.

Two separate sources spoke to the Associated Press on Thursday, and both have confirmed that Sessions plans to remove the law. This will once again hand attorneys across the country the power to decide how much of their states federal resources are used to fight cannabis use and cultivation.

This latest revelation is one of a number of decisions and comments made by Attorney General Sessions over the past year regarding his disdain for cannabis.

In March of last year, Sessions stated that he believed cannabis to be “hyped, maybe too much” amid questions on the changing tide of opinion from the American public. The following month, he admitted “surprise” to the negative reaction of his initial comments.

In May 2017, Congress blocked a bill which would have allowed Sessions to have direct responsibility regarding cannabis laws in the country.

While in November, a Governor from Maine blocked a recreational cannabis bill after receiving advice from the Attorney General, despite public opinion in the state supporting the legalization of the plant.

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