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Kansas Democrats Support Medical Marijuana

In groundbreaking news, Kansas Democrats have voiced their support for the legalization of medical marijuana in the state.

Kansas DemocratsIn a major breakthrough, Democrats in Kansas have supported the move for legalizing medical marijuana in the state.

The announcement was made on the 30th August at the Demo-fest convention in Witchita. The statement released by the democrats at the convention read;

Kansas Democrats support the availability of marijuana for medical use and protection of patients from criminal arrest and prosecution.

It is thought that the statement will be acted upon next session.

The news of democratic support for medical marijuana comes just weeks after house member Gail Finney stated that Kansas is still a very long way from legalizing medical marijuana.

Despite introducing a bill to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, even Finney remains pessimistic about the chances of the law changing in the near future.

However, the Democrats announcing their support for legalizing marijuana will, at the very least bring the issue to the forefront of Kansas state news.

Do you think Kansas will legalize medical marijuana? Have your say in the comments section below…

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