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Kidney Failure Patient Removed From Transplant List Due to Medical Cannabis Use

An American man suffering from renal failure has been removed from a transplant waiting list because his hospital discovered that he had been using medical cannabis to fight his disease.

Garry Godfrey, who has lived in Maine his entire life, suffers from Alport Syndrome, a disease that causes renal failure, alongside debilitating pain, nausea and anxiety. He has used medical marijuana for over a decade to help manage his very serious symptoms. Speaking to local media, Godfrey explained, “I’ve tried so many pharmaceuticals and none of them worked, but the medical cannabis does,”.

Godfrey had been on the transplant list at the Maine Medical Center since 2003 but in 2010, the hospital changed their drug policy, subsequently forcing the medical marijuana using patient off the list.

Maine Med released a statement regarding the decision;

“Drug Use policy currently prohibits transplant candidates from using marijuana, due to the risk of an invasive fungal infection known as Aspergillosis. This infection is life-threatening to patients whose immune system is compromised.”

Do you believe that the Hospital made the wrong decision? Have your say in the comments below.

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