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Life’s a beach…🏖️ – Part One

The next stop is back home to a special group of beaches on the east coast I lived on with an amazing party scene and a very hedonistic vibe. It’s a place you can really only get to easily by boat so it has a secret feeling and most people who go there find they stay for a long time, in some cases, they never leave and have made a great life for themselves there.  It’s rumored that ‘The Beach’ was based in part on a small original community of backpackers who made this place home many years before the tourist boom on the islands.

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 The Tri bays as they are known are a group of 3 beaches that are all linked by foot paths, the seclusion that comes with the lack of a paved road has led to a very different feel here and once off the longtail boat that drops you straight into the white sand of the beach you immediately know you are in a place that you can chill out and enjoy yourself. 

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There are several different accommodation choices, but they get busy during high season. Many of the places will only allow booking for walk in customers so your only option is to turn up and hope for the best.  Yoga schools and meditation centres mix with the bars and restaurants so there is always an interesting mix of people travelling through. Each beach is different with its own unique crowd and vibe and each fits perfectly with each other. 

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 On of the biggest attraction here and the reason I found it so hard to leave when I first came is the party scene. Once an inside  secret but now common knowledge, the tri bays are home to 3 separate dance venues ;2 of them ‘Eden, and guys bar’ are famous and are some of the most incredible places for music and dancing in the world. You can dance under the moon and the stars with incredible sunrise sets from Friday until Sunday every week almost all year and people who come, come to dance so the atmosphere is normally amazing. It can get a little busy in high season now the word is out but on a good day I have been lucky to say I’ve been at some of the greatest parties with nicest crowds on earth. 

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Photo by Crissi
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 After getting my need for a good dance to celebrate the new year out of my system and catch up friends I miss dearly I decided it was best for my sanity to get out after 1 week and head back to the north of the island for some quality relaxing before it was time to get back to the seed hunting in Cambodia. 

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Andrew Bill

Andrew Bill

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