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Maine Governor Blocks Recreational Cannabis Bill After Advice from Jeff Sessions

In a move sure to generate fierce debate, Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) has vetoed a bill that would see the legalisation of recreational cannabis in that state.

This goes against the residents of Maine, who last year voted to approve a measure calling for the regulation and sale of recreational cannabis in the state by the end of 2017.

On Friday, LePage published an open letter explaining his decision and an all to familiar name cropped up once again. Jeff Sessions reportedly offered the governor some key advice to help sway the decision on recreational cannabis;

“Until I clearly understand how the federal government intends to treat states that seek to legalize marijuana, I cannot in good conscience support any scheme in state law to implement expansion of legal marijuana in Maine,” stated LePage.

While their is an element of understanding in LePage’s decision to hold off on passing a bill that could be subject to a federal crackdown from the Trump administration, he also bizarrely compared the legalisation of cannabis to the opioid crisis that is sweeping through Maine;

“The dangers of legalizing marijuana and normalizing its use in our society cannot be understated,” LePage explained. “Sending a message, especially to our young people, that some drugs that are still illegal under federal law are now sanctioned by the state may have unintended and grave consequences.”

Maine already has a number of recreational and medical cannabis laws in place. This includes the decriminalisation of cannabis possession weighing 2.5oz or less as well as the decriminalisation of the cultivation of six plants or less. However, the new bill which has been vetoed by LePage would have seen wholesale recreational legalisation akin to Washington State and Colorado.


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  • dhartley231 .

    Lepage must be voted out of office .we don’t need any non marijuana candidate s in office, the people of Maine voted for recreational marijuana and won the governor is over turning the people s vote ?

    • Larry Jackson

      in Maine we can still legally posses 2.5 ounces. We can also grow 6 plants per adult and posses at home all the yield from those plants. We just can’t legally buy it. LePage has 1 more year. He can’t run again

      • Tom Evans

        At this point it doesn’t matter even if he could run again.

      • David Manevich

        It shouldnt matter the people voted yes and it passed. That should be all that matters. He shouldnt be allowed to veto the voters. Ok i guess since its cannabis fed doesnt care. BUT what if if it was another issue or he was voted out and his opponent won the gov’s office it would be the same thing as if he refused to concede and wouldnt leave office. Would the fed gov go after him for not abiding by the vote. BS theyed arrest him in a heartbeat. SO I ASK whats the diff. You ppl voted for it he should be forced to follow the vote

        • David Manevich

          I can just see that happening in ohio if Kasich tried that hed be strung up LOL.
          But of course jeffy gotta put his two cents in. He should be going after the governor for not going along with the voters this is pure unadulterated BS.

    • Darien Ballard

      He is out this time around………………

  • Mike Sweet

    Send Sessions back to whatever his clan originated from…

    • KennyB

      No thank you. The UK has enough problems.

  • Paul

    Politicians overriding and ignoring the will and legal vote of it’s citizens. Still think we live in a democratic republic? Think your vote matters? This refusal to implement the democratic will of the people is a criminal act and the Federal Government is putting its boot on the neck of its citizens.
    Cannabis has proven medical benefits, it helps hundreds of thousands of people daily. When used responsibly, it helps ease the horrible symptoms of cancer, severe pain, neurological diseases and disorders. Why isn’t AG Jeff Sessions investigating the crimes of former politicians and government officials? Election tampering, proven crimes by former heads of the IRS, FBI, DOJ and others. Instead he goes after recreational cannabis? Really? We live in a two tiered justice system, free passes to the rich and powerful and politically connected. Recreational Cannabis? Oh no not allowed, how dare the voters of Maine pass this. Not allowed, we the Federal Government overrule your vote. Sad.

  • Tom Evans

    I know how it works on the federal level but not so sure on the state level. Can the state legislators override his veto?

    • Larry Jackson

      They tried but couldn’t get 2 thirds of the vote. I think it was 72 for and 64 against

  • Waah

    In Maine like all other states, drug OD deaths are quite common. The gov has a point about being cautious with federal laws. The feds are under pressure to stop OD drug deaths. And the gov here deals with this pressure too. He wants real details on how weed is sold, and the legislature has not put them forth adequately in a bill. And by the way, people show ignorance when the word “democracy” is used when the word “republic” should be. Le page is walking a line between the feds and his Mainers trying to protect them. It won’t be long before parents are protesting that he allowed legal pot and now their children are stoners. Won’t see those stories here though. We in Maine have given ourselves weed rights, and we will get the retail laws written soon, but he was right not to do retail until the bill has been settled and agreed upon by clear law.
    Build the wall.

  • Colossus

    If you’re a local native beware of Mr. MOODY who just entered the Maine governors race. He’s planning on sticking with the federal regulations. He’s not supporting the majority who voted in our new state laws.

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