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Malta Approves News Laws Improving Access to Medical Cannabis

Malta has become the latest country to modify their laws regarding medical cannabis. The new changes will allow patients  to access products directly from their general practitioners without having to acquire approval from a government appointed specialist.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced the changes at the weekend and stated;

“Cabinet has approved legal amendments to help people suffering from illnesses such as cancer – who have so far had to jump through hoops to get their hands on this medication made from marijuana extracts,”.

Malta, a tiny island nation in the Mediterranean, has been discussing medical cannabis access for the last twelve months. Sativex, an oromucosal spray designed to help patients with Multiple Sclerosis was the first cannabis-derived product made available in the country. In January of this year, the government were also in discussions to introduce Bedrocan products but no decision has been made on this yet.

Joseph Muscat has laid out a detailed vision of medical cannabis in Malta and has spoken of his desire for the nation to become a European centre for the production and distribution of medical cannabis products.

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