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The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2014

The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour takes place every year and raises funds to help research into medical cannabis and its effectiveness against cancer cells. In 2014, the Bike Tour saw over 50 people cycle from Valencia to Barcelona; a 400km journey! Find out how much they raised and how you could get involved in the 2015 Bike Tour.

New Information

Updated 17/10/2018 – Despite a few very successful years, The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour is not hosting a tour this year.

March 10th, 2014 and as the spring sunshine bathed the Eastern Coast of Spain, 55 strangers from every corner of the earth arrived in Valencia with a unified goal – to take part in the 2014 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour. A non-profit organisation, the MC Bike Tour is passionate about highlighting the need for research into cannabis and its medicinal benefits. Through the Bike Tours’ fundraising, money is used to finance research on cancer patients undergoing cannabis oil and extracts treatment. The funding also contributes towards promoting the potential benefits of medical marijuana via the mainstream media.

As the participants gathered in Spain’s third city, ready for a mammoth test of endurance over three days, €100,000 had already been raised, twice the amount raised the year before. This incredible news heightened the sense of responsibility of the riders, who still had a gruelling task to complete. A 400km cycle from Valencia to Barcelona was the planned route for the riders and crew; taking on the very warm Valencian plains overflowing with orange trees, the treacherous steep-inclined mountains surrounding Catalonia and the fast ride into Barcelona and the finish line.

Despite three days of sore feet, aching legs and painful backsides, every one of the participants crossed the line at Spannabis. Luc, the man behind Paradise Seeds has been involved in the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour since its inception and is passionate about raising as much awareness about the event as possible: “Completing the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour gives a huge sense of achievement for all to take home with them … and a huge amount of money raised for the charity too.”

The funds raised from 2013 Bike Tour have helped with ongoing research into medical cannabis and its effectiveness against cancer cells. With the €100,000 raised this year, the MC Bike Tour also hopes to change the perception of medical cannabis benefits, from anecdotal to factual.

The 55 people that took part in the 2014 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour have returned home with fantastic memories, but more importantly, the ability to spread the word. There were ten countries represented on the tour so knowledge of this worthwhile organisation will travel far and wide. The plans for the 2015 event are already underway, with even more people expected to take part and even more money expected to be raised.

Seedsman were proud sponsors of the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2014, along with Barney’s Farm, DNA GeneticsMr. Nice SeedbankCBD Crew  and many other cannabis seed breeders.

If you want to get involved in the 2015 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour, check out the newly released video of the 2014 Tour below and head to for more information.

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