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Medical Cannabis Patient Jailed After Testing Positive for THC

A 24-year-old man was jailed for 10 days after testing positive for THC, despite being a licensed medical marijuana patient.

Sampson Bailey Jr, who uses medical cannabis for a variety of health conditions, appeared in court on an unrelated offence at the beginning of April.

However, the judge believed that Bailey was ‘under the influence’ of cannabis during his hearing and ordered the Pittsburgh native to take a drug test.

The results of the test came back positive for THC. As Bailey did not have his medical marijuana card on his person at the time of the test, the judge stated he could not verify if the 24-year-old was telling the truth regarding his medical marijuana card.

Therefore, Bailey was placed in jail and remained there for 10 days until the judge was finally presented with proof that the young man was in fact, telling the truth about owning a medical marijuana card.

Speaking to the press upon his release, Bailey stated;

“I wasn’t expecting to be in jail at all. I was supposed to go to work in a couple of hours. I wasn’t able to go and missed eight days. This meant I lost my job.”



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