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Medical Cannabis set to arrive in South Korea

South Korea is generally considered a forward-thinking nation. With their finger on the pulse of technological advancement, the East Asian country has enjoyed overwhelming Economic growth since the Korean War ended in 1953.

However, while industry and technology flourish, the Republic has some fairly antiquated laws when it comes to cannabis. Having been banned under the Cannabis Control Act of 1976, possession, use and distribution of the plant is illegal and will result in arrest.

Yet things could be set to change for South Korean’s who want or need access to cannabis for medical purposes.

Late last week, South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said that it would be amending drug laws to permit the importation of selected cannabis-based products that have been approved overseas.

This announcement came in the wake of a bill introduced in January to the National Assembly by Shin Chang-hyun, a Democratic Party of Korea Representative. If signed into law, internationally approved cannabis-based medicines would be made available to patients in South Korea who hold a license.

Despite those able to claim a license being limited to patients with severe medical conditions, the proposed law would be the first step for cannabis legalization in the history of South Korea.

Now the bill has the approval of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, changes should come into effect over the next few months.

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