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Is Medical Marijuana Only A Road To Recreational Marijuana?

Motives are funny because it is sometimes impossible to determine what lies beneath them. When California legalized medical marijuana, everybody expected it would serve as an example of thoughtfully implemented regulations in which the cannabis market would flourish and pave the way toward a full-fledged medical marijuana market. This would eventually lead to legalizing recreational marijuana as well since California was considered as one of the more liberal states in the US.

From California To Colorado

Instead, California now serves as an example on how not to implement regulations related to marijuana and Colorado and Washington have taken over the role of being pioneers in legalizing recreational marijuana in the US. Naturally, Colorado is slightly better at it than Washington who are still dealing with its fair share of minor problems. A lot of people who suffer from debilitating conditions that require marijuana treatment are also moving to Colorado almost on a monthly basis. This only shows that if regulations are implemented properly, the industry is guaranteed to continue booming. California medical marijuana dispensaries are still getting raided almost on a daily basis and that will not change anytime soon.

Marijuana Support

As the green wave of marijuana legalization slowly spreads throughout the country, most Americans have been supportive of it. Judging by the latest polls, 55% of US citizens are up for legalizing marijuana, which is a significant change in public opinion when compared to data from 2005. It is also evident that marijuana is big business and, in some states, eyebrows have been raised on whether medical marijuana is only a road to legalizing recreational marijuana.

Rightfully so, but who can speak against debilitating diseases, right? Isn’t that the perfect disguise under which a politician might win a debate, candidate for office or even pass a law that is paving the path to recreational marijuana legalization. After all, its not like we all haven’t heard of lobbying, right? Why would lobbying for marijuana be any different? Marijuana is big business and when something transforms into a billion dollar industry over night, motives have to be questioned.

Companies Lobbying

Various companies have already started buying old factories in Florida that would serve as great indoor growing facilities and that means things are going to change fast. Those same investors have to be in the loop to make big investments; otherwise those factories would still be rotting away. We believe something is fishy if a state legalizes medical marijuana and then shortly after legalizes recreational marijuana as well. Then it is pretty obvious this wasn’t done for the benefit of the people suffering from debilitating diseases but for the benefit of big bucks.

Still, even legalizing medical marijuana brings heavy political points to any state official since the majority of US citizens support legalization. Therefore, whoever starts supporting is definitely getting some money under the table from the budding corporations who tend to cash in on the green wave of marijuana legalization.

By M.B

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