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Mephisto Genetics Projects – Photoperiod to Automatic

Here is some background and insight into just one of the many projects we are working on here at Mephisto Genetics.

Our aim as always is to take the highest quality photoperiod specimens and breed them from scratch into new, original automatic varieties.

It can often be a long road, with projects taking anywhere from 2 to 4 years to complete from conception to release. But, like a lot of things in life the long way is usually the most rewarding.

It all starts with an idea…

The project we are going to showcase in this article is Grape Crinkle x Ripleys OG auto – the full lineage will be explained later.

Just before our departure to Spain, we were fortunate to be given a cutting originating from Canada, called Canadian crinkle, with little information other than it was a very high quality outdoor strain.

Our first year in Spain was our first opportunity to grow outdoors. In England, the combination of prohibition and climate makes it a pretty formidable challenge to get to grips with outdoor growing. But with automatics being such a popular choice and tool for outdoor growing we turned our attention to the idea of creating a super high quality auto strain that performs as well outdoors as indoors.

The two main traits we were looking to acquire in a candidate plant were potency and mould resistance.

The first summer, we tossed some cuttings outside, and the Canadian crinkle surpassed all expectations; other Nordic offerings were tried and she really shone. Finishing in very early September, rock solid nugs, no mould. Perfect.

People may assume it’s a walk in the park to grow nice plants outdoors in Spain, however the reality is far different. Being in the hills, in dense woodland in Northern Spain is a challenging place to grow. Humidity at nights is off the charts, plants are often wet through at night, like they were in a jungle. Also, late summer storms are frequent, and unprotected plants can take a battering.

With a trio of those particular plants being positioned at the lowest elevation on our grounds, the hours of sunshine were limited. But we harvested, cured and were set to finally evaluate the cutting that we had received a year previous.

In the meantime reports had come from England of people having success with the strain there, which gave us more incentive to get testing!

The potency and the effect of the crinkle was very strong. High medicinal qualities, but a balanced mind and body high; just outright strong in both departments. Tim here at Mephisto is the resident guinea pig for strength testing, and his only negative comment was that it could do with more flavour.

We were running the crinkle inside simultaneously for a feminised seed run with other select strains, and previously we had been very impressed with a strain called ‘Flav Grape’ a sativa leaning hybrid with a lovely grape taste just lacking some flower density and frost – and there it was born, a potential match made in heaven. Feminised F1 Crinkle x Flav Grape seeds were made.

About 6 months later, a run began to test the Crinkle x Flav Grape stock and that we did, after flowering out 30 females, 3 were uncovered and cuttings were kept, now labelled by us as UVA Crinkle A, B and C.

Grape Crinkle 5 weeks into flower.

After 9 weeks, Grape Crinkle is harvested and trimmed – The flower structure was identical to the Canadian Crinkle parent, but now with purpling colourful tones injected by the Flav Grape parent.

Grape Crinkle at 9 weeks, harvested and trimmed

The phenotype above was pollinated with pollen from our new 2015 auto ‘Ripleys OG’, to make F1 seeds available in 2016.

Grape Crinkle x Ripleys OG
Grape Crinkle x Ripleys OG

The F1 generation of plants in an photoperiod x auto hybrid, will NOT autoflower. They act and perform just like photoperiods, as the autoflower trait is recessive and requires further inbreeding to bring out and stabilise in the cross.

Here is a room containing the Grape Crinkle x Ripley’s OG F1 plants, just before being put into flower.

mephisto room s
Grape Crinkle x Ripleys OG, pre-flower

28 days into flower now here is one of the candidates for pollination to make F2 seeds.

Grape Crinkle x Ripleys OG, 28 days into flower

If you observe the resin and leaf pattern you can easily see similarities between the f1 and the Grape Crinkle parent.

At F1, the aim is to find the plant(s) most similar to it’s photoperiod parent, here the plant structure, resin, leaf shape and smell are the traits that enable us as breeders to select the best phenotype that matches our ideal.

As you can read from above, there can be an awful lot of thought, work and effort that goes in to a project before it can even get underway; aquiring special strains, testing them, improving them if required etc.

Pollination will take place soon, and 3 more generations need to be made and grown out before we can release the project to market.

We also have a number of projects running concurrently with the one we speak about in this article. These will form the main release for Mephisto Genetics in 2016. Projects include:

Sour Crack x Grape Stomper OG from Gage Green Genetics – see the F1 below

Sour Crack x Grape Stomper
Sour Crack x Grape Stomper

Northern Cheese Haze – (Exodus cheese x NL5/haze) x Fantasmo Express (auto og ghost train haze)

Skywalker Kush (DNA) x Auto Triangle Kush

Mephisto Genetics and Karma Genetics Collaboration –

Karmas OG/aka Bear OG x Auto Triangle Kush

Karmas OG/aka Bear OG x Ripleys OG

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.


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