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Mexico Considers Cannabis Decriminalization to Curb Drug Violence

In order to prevent the ongoing war between drug cartels and security forces in the country, Mexico’s newly-appointed interior minister has suggested that she will push for cannabis decriminalization.

The interior ministry in Mexico, known as Gobernacion, is responsible for all domestic affairs, including matters of security. President-elect Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador announced this week that his interior minister will be Olga Sánchez Cordero.

A former member of the Mexican Supreme Court, Cordero has been a vocal supporter of cannabis legalization for a number of years. Her new position of power within the presidential cabinet could mean that changes are afoot with regards to marijuana in Mexico.

Upon being handed her new position, Cordero spoke to the media regarding her plans for cannabis, stating;

“I’m going to propose to Andrés Manuel, at the right time, the depenalization of marijuana, in planting, harvesting, transport, medicinal and recreational use.”

Lopez Obrador, who will become President of Mexico on December 1st of this year, has been slightly more muted on the subject of decriminalizing cannabis. However, his past comments have offered some hope to advocates of legal changes surrounding the plant.

During his election campaign, Obrador inferred that he had opened dialogue with a number of cartels within the country, in the hope that the drug war can come to an end. Although the content of the conversations have never been revealed, it is thought that discussion surrounding the legalization or decriminalization of cannabis was a topic of debate.

With recreational cannabis still illegal in Mexico, those that have been punished in the past are the rural farmers who are growing cannabis under threat from members of the cartel. In a catch 22 situation, the farmers either face retribution from the national security forces or from the cartels themselves.

A change in cannabis laws could see these farmers being removed from under the watchful eye of criminal gangs and consequentially, being able to live in more peaceful surroundings.

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