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A Modern Classic: The Story of Girl Scout Cookies

Yet another popular cannabis strain that began life in California, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) comes from OG Kush and Durban Poison lineage. With high levels of THC and an earthy aroma, it’s no wonder this is an exceedingly popular strain that puts you quickly on the road to relaxing euphoria. While it’s a relatively new addition to the market, it’s beginning to make a big splash and has been helped by the development of a range of phenotypes including Thin Mints and Platinum Cookies.


Girl Scout Cookies is a mostly indica dominant strain with a potent level of THC. This can be anything up to 28% and so obviously scores high on the euphoria scale. GSC tastes and smells sweet and earthy according to users and is popular among those who take cannabis for medical purposes. One benefit people also note is of its long lasting high, which can sometimes last up to 4 hours.

If you’re looking for a strain that allows you stay alert during the day, this probably shouldn’t be your first choice. It’s very easy to vape some and spend the next few hours staring out the window watching the traffic go by. If you need to focus, Girl Scout Cookies may not be the strain for you!

The heavy, euphoric mood created by Girl Scout Cookies is probably one of the reasons why it is often used for medical purposes. It’s a popular strain among those who suffer from depression or anxiety, alleviating the symptoms of pain such as migraines and even in situations where a person is suffering from insomnia.


The first thing you’ll notice growing this strain is that the plant looks highly attractive. A mix of purple hues along with orange pistils and white trichomes, and a rich scent mean it’s a difficult plant to ignore. Compared to other strains, Girl Scout Cookies is more difficult to grow at home and is probably not advisable for a first timer.

  • If you’re growing outdoors you need to make sure the temperature is mostly warm and the humidity is fairly high.
  • Indoor growing is probably advisable if you want to keep exact control over growth or don’t live in the right area.
  • If you’re growing indoors, you should expect flowering to start by the 10th week and you can expect then to get a yield of around 50g/m2.
  • The difficulty with GSC is that it responds badly to any kind of stress which is why outdoor growing can be problematic.
  • Don’t be disappointed by the fairly low yield compared to other strains as GSC delivers a punch that more than compensates.
  • The plants tend to be a lot more resistant than other strains to pests and mildew.

Because of its increasing popularity, Girl Scout Cookies pretty quickly moved beyond the state of California and began to be sold across the whole of the US and the world. One unusual problem that it has encountered in recent times is with the name. In Oregon, a review of marketing for cannabis strains decided that the Girl Scout Cookies name meant that it might appeal to and influence children. That led to a rule change which means that any cannabis product cannot be named in a way that would appeal to minors.

That’s not only affected GSC in Oregon but other strains such as Bubbelicious, Smurf and Skywalker. This change could well spread to other states as it’s seen as a ‘common sense’ approach to cannabis marketing which has been quite aggressive in recent times. That may mean that many of our best loved strains will have to undergo a quick period of rebranding before they are allowed to be sold again in states that have legalised cannabis.

That aside, Girl Scout Cookies has had a meteoric rise in the cannabis world. From the look, smell and effect it has everything that many people are looking for, particularly those seeking a solution to a medical problem such as chronic pain, insomnia and mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Not the kind of strain you can take and then operate heavy machinery, it’s still wildly popular and there’s no surprise that it’s top shelf fayre in many dispensaries.

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