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Moon Rocks – What Are They and What’s the Best Way to Smoke Them?

At some point, you may have been asked at a social gathering if you’ve ever smoked Moon Rocks. Or, you might have even asked yourself the same question, wondering about their origins, what the experience is like and how they can be smoked.

When was the last time you had a cannabis experience that made you feel as if the top half of your face was almost completely numb? If you already haven’t had that kind of experience while consuming cannabis, then you should definitely give Moon Rocks a go, because they will pretty much take you to the ‘moon’ and back.

Origins – What are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks’ origins are somewhat fuzzy although rumour has it that they came into inception at a cannabis dispensary called Starbudz720. In fact, well-known West Coast rapper, Kurupt, came up with a trademarked version called Kurupt Moonrock and heavily pushed its popularity.

The best way we can describe Moon Rocks is to put them next to cannabis buds with a very high level of THC (the main psychoactive component responsible for potency), as in, an extraordinarily high level. They were originally concocted as a way for cannabis connoisseurs to take their experience to the next level, a level much closer to the moon, quite literally.

Moon Rocks are more or less cannabis buds covered in hash oil and typically consumed in a joint which is covered in kief – this takes the potency levels to even higher extremes. Therefore, we strongly advice relatively new cannabis users to ‘take it easy’ when trying out Moon Rocks in order to assess their tolerance level.

So how potent are they exactly? In a nutshell, the potency and quality squarely depend on the materials used – we would recommend obtaining Moon Rocks from a reputable dispensary only. In most cases, however, the THC level in Moon Rocks is roughly 50%, in some cases, even 60%. In contrast, some of the purest cannabis strains boast anywhere between 21-30% THC.

The Moon Rock Experience Explained

Upon initially ‘hitting’ Moon Rocks, you might feel overwhelmed by the highly pleasant terpene-rich tasting kief. The really big and full smoke clouds in particular are a sight to behold.

Now let’s talk about the high – if we could use just one word to describe the experience it would simply be a big, resounding wow. The numbing high typically begins in your head and reverberates all throughout your body until it reaches your toes. Most seasoned Moon Rocks users have described the high as initially a slow burn that’s clear and present, and in about half an hour, it feels as if you just climbed a gruelling mountaintop, which you may not have been ready to climb.

In fact, don’t be surprised at all after consuming just a gram of Moon Rocks in the evening, and feeling the next morning as if you missed the ride from the moon back to Earth. We’re going to mention a little disclaimer here: Moon Rocks aren’t for everybody, particularly if you happen to be a new cannabis user. If this is your first ever experience smoking cannabis, starting outright with Moon Rocks may not be the best idea. The 50-60% THC level may prove to be too much for your unaccustomed system.

If, for some reason, you still don’t believe how strong Moon Rocks can be, then you might believe renowned American rapper and ‘world famous cannabis user’, Snopp Dogg, who once exclaimed in an interview: “Moon Rock is too much, dog”.

In a nutshell, the experience truly is long lasting and full bodied – and it certainly did not get the name Moon Rocks out of thin air – you do feel like you’re floating around in outer space on a rocket ship.

Be forewarned and proceed with caution – if this stuff was too much for Snoop Dogg, it may most likely be too much for your endocannabinoid system as well.

How to Make Moon Rocks

The great thing about Moon Rocks is that any cannabis user can apply a little bit of ingenuity and get great results. Creating the gooey cannabis is somewhat like a crafting class for adults. It’s fast and fun, and just super-easy once you know what goes into the process.

However, before we can consume Moon Rocks, let’s discuss a few factors that go into the fun and creative process of making it.

You’ll discover that making Moon Rocks is a great way to combine your favourite cannabis flower with a large stash of kief and flavourful extracts. And, since you’re the mastermind in this process, you can alter the potency by way of choosing weaker or stronger flowers, kief and hashish oils.

Since Moon Rocks are typically sought by cannabis connoisseurs, the main purpose and motivation most users have for making it themselves is to get the most potency, flavour and quality out of the process as possible. If this is especially true for you, then you must use only freshly cured, top-quality indoor flowers. You’d also want a clean and potent extract such as flower rosin or live resin. And as far as the kief goes, bubble hash or a full-melt dry sift will produce the best quality coating for your Moon Rocks.

However, we understand that not everybody wants to blast off straight away to the moon on their first experience and that’s fine. In cases where you wish to have the potency somewhere in the not too strong/not too weak zone, you can replace kief with isolated CBD powder or even use high CBD strains and concentrates. This balances out the often extreme THC effects in the oil and flower.

And here’s what you’re going to need before beginning:

* Fresh and whole flower buds

* Hashish oil or concentrate

* An abundant supply of kief

* Butter knife (or bowl)

* Tweezers, tongs or any apparatus that allows you to properly grab/pinch

* Lighter

Now, let’s begin!

Make sure that your buds aren’t entirely dry or they will crumble into little pieces. Start by dabbing your butter knife liberally with hash oil. Run the lighter back and forth across the knife’s underside which will allow the hash oil on top to be heated. We’re only aiming to melt it slightly not burn it.

Once the hash oil has melted, use tongs, a pair of tweezers or silicone gloves to pick up one of your fresh buds. Using the butter knife, evenly spread the hash oil on the bud until it is completely soaked.

Take your hash oil soaked buds and cover them generously with kief until they resemble powdered doughnut holes. The coating needs to be thick enough so as to conceal the bud completely.

Alternatively, you can also stick the bud on one end of a chopstick and dip it straight into a bowl of melted hash oil.

Give your Moon Rock adequate time to dry before smoking it.

The Best Part – Smoking Moon Rocks


Moon Rocks are a haven for THC lovers and true cannabis aficionados’. Now that you know what you’re getting yourself into, you may be wondering how to smoke it. It’s quite possible and actually really easy to smoke your Moon Rocks in joints and blunts, however, this may not be the best way to smoke them. Pipes and glass pieces work much better and it’s important to understand why.

One of the first and foremost reasons you would not want consume Moon Rocks in a joint, spliff or blunt is that they have trouble staying lit due to all the kief and hash oil. However, this is not a problem with glass.

Here are some tips to pay heed to if you want to experience Moon Rocks in the best way possible:

Use Glassware Instead of Joints

Pipes and bongs work brilliantly when it comes to smoking Moon Rocks, because they are greasy and thick, unlike the usual cannabis flower. So unless you’re willing to buy at least 18 grams of the stuff, you simply will not be able to keep it lit like a regular joint.

Put Them on Top of Your Flower

Since Moon Rocks are greasy in nature, they are difficult to light up. You should smoke them by putting some on top of a little cannabis flower. This not only makes for an intense experience but also allows you to break the Moon Rocks up into pieces which can be sprinkles on top of grounded cannabis. This may be one way to make it work in a joint; however, we’d still recommend using a glass pipe or bong.

Stay Hydrated

Smoking Moon Rocks will leave you dehydrated. Extremely dehydrated, in some cases. Keep at least a gallon of water right next to you – consume a few glasses prior to your session and continue to consume until you start feeling the high. Believe me, once you’re there ‘in the zone’, you would not want to move a muscle just to get some water. The same pretty much applies to snacking.

Smoke Towards the End of the Day

This is important because the high is so intense, you will probably not feel like getting up just to do chores or run some errands. So whatever priorities you have, get to them first and then relax, and enjoy your high without a care in the world.

Create the Right Environment

In order to have the best possible experience, especially if it’s your first one, you should create a comfortable environment rife with positive vibes. Comfort in particular is an important factor to consider because you will most likely be almost completely out during the course of the high.

Moon Rocks is a great way to experience the best of three cannabis products in one space rocket of a ride. Elevate your smoking sessions and experience that same level of bliss and euphoria as you did when you consumed cannabis for the very first time.

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.


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