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New Cannabis Strain Discovered in Australia

Australia maybe in retrospect a young country but as a continent/island it has been around for millions upon millions of years. Isolated from the rest of the world unique fauna and flora encapsulating the environment, the famous Kangaroo bounding through the bush land, trees littering the ground, creating a natural carpet with a distinguishable crunch underfoot; an aroma of eucalyptus eroding the air. These iconic images of Australia resonate with people of the world, but there is now another reason to visit. Yes we still have the whitest beaches (so white our sand is shipped and used on Waikiki beach, Hawaii) and the surreal landscape; you can now add strain hunting to the equation.  Yep, that’s right, a new species of marijuana has been discovered in the Blue Mountains about a 2-hour drive South West of Sydney. The possible applications of this new species of marijuana/hemp plant are unfathomable at this present stage. Thanks to the improvement in research grants and programs around the medicinal treatments, funding and scientist are easy to find.

New strains are allegedly found frequently, but more then likely these strains are known but the name has been changed for marketing purposes. That’s why the discovery of a completely new species is so imperative to advancements. The medical possibilities alone could be substantial in the fight to prevent diseases such as AIDS, cancer, epilepsy and debilitating life-threating pain. With a new species there lies a chance of new benefits emerging. “When we first received the plant we were very sceptical about its relation to cannabis. It has somewhat similar growth structure, but the leaves look nothing like cannabis leaves,” Researcher Christopher Pool (University of Sydney). The plant is one of a kind, unfortunately that means no seeds have been discovered, leading to the congregation of strain hunters, with companies and researchers offering up to $2,000 per seed, “we’ve exhausted our funding trying to find another like it” (Dr Pool). Make money while on holiday, doesn’t sound bad especially if it involves hiking through 267,954 hectares of cascading waterfalls, golden sandstone and breathtaking views in a UNESCO protected national park. Unfortunately the chance of finding the seed or plant is extremely rare; for starters the plant looks different to regular cannabis bushes. The plant is freeze resistant and grows more like a shrub it doesn’t carry the classic marijuana leaf shape. Through a series of tests and examinations the plant is found to be an ancient ancestor of a strain brought by migrating humans; over 50,000 years ago to Australia.

So if you’re a camping enthusiast, a weed smoker, a natural lover or a modern day explorer there is a new destination for you. The Australian Blue Mountains is the place to be. Waking up every morning to a spectacular view, with a morning fog subsiding off the bluish mountains; sitting in the fresh sunlight leaves are glistening and the new marijuana strain stretching out to photosynthesis. Growing the yet uncultivated mysterious T.H.C crystals. Possible medicine discovered with a lucrative $2000 per seed profit, consider the holiday reimbursed.

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