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New High-CBD Strain Helps Epileptic Children in Colombia

In February, Medical Marijuana Genetics released five CBD-dominant strains, all of which can be used in the treatments of a variety of ailments.

Amazingly, in just over one month, the seedbank have been awarded with three trophies at Spannabis 2017 in Barcelona and have received a number of positive testimonials from customers and peers in the industry.

One testimonial in particular demonstrated the impact that CBD-dominant strains can have on those suffering with treatment resistant illnesses.

The Fundalava Foundation is a non-governmental organisation based in Colombia that treats people with severe disabilities, especially children. They advise on health and pension rights as well as providing safe access to medical cannabis for those who are in desperate need. Most of their work focuses on helping families in poverty, especially in Medellin, Colombia’s second largest city.

Fundalava have been using Medical Marijuana Genetics Candida strain as the extract for use in cannabis tinctures and oils. The results, according to the organisation, have been incredible;

“The oils made with Candida have, without exception, changed the lives of all families and children who suffer from epilepsy or other disorders of the nervous system. We have many testimonies from families who say that the medicine made with Candida has changed the condition of their children.”

As a strain, Candida has the highest CBD and lowest THC content of any currently available on the seed market. While it can be used recreationally, the true purpose of this strain is for use in medicines, whether oils, tinctures, suppositories etc.

Founder of Medical Marijuana Genetics John Green, expressed his delight at the testimonial from Colombia stating;

“At Medical Marijuana Genetics, we are proud to support non-profit patient organisations and clinical research into the true therapeutic nature of the cannabis plant. Clinical research is key to understanding cannabis and allows Governments to follow a more evidence based policy when considering legalisation and medicinal access.”

The entire Medial Marijuana Genetics strain library, including the groundbreaking Candida (CD-1) is available to buy at Seedsman now.

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