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New Man at Department of Homeland Security Calls Marijuana “A Gateway to Heroin”

Just when you thought a nation couldn’t be more divided on their political leaders, yet another story has broken to exacerbate the cannabis legalisation debate in America.

David Clarke, the controversial figure who is currently a Milwaukee County Sheriff has announced that he has accepted a job as an assistant secretary at the Department of Homeland Security.

This move has ignited fury among cannabis advocates, who believe that Clarke’s views on marijuana legalisation will destabilise any progress made so far.

Clarke has made a number of public statements condemning cannabis;

In 2015, the controversial figure tweeted, stating that he believes cannabis to be a gateway to heroin…

Last year, Clarke returned to social media to share his thoughts on a story regarding murders in Ohio connected to a cannabis grow operation…

Despite being African-American, Clarke also condemned the “Black Lives Matter” movement in 2016 and was a ferociously opposed to the Obama presidency. Now, with Trump in the White House, Clarke has been given an executive position at the DHS.

In a recent interview, Clarke has stated that in his new role, he “will work as a liaison in the Office of Partnership and Engagement, coordinating with state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies.”.


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  • Stephen Furman

    It doesn’t matter who is placed in charge of Homeland Security in the USA the Individual States are smelling the money and opening legal dispensaries. The Feds will have to recant their position on marijuana and game change to keep out only the unsafe unknown origin smuggled weed to allow US domestic growth of organic safe weed. The US Federal confiscation of American property will have to stop and politically motivated laws reversed. Marijuana is not a gateway drug. There medically needed extracts of marijuana that must be FDA approved. Recreational legalization will inevitably follow. If the ATF would regulate marijuana like they do tobacco they would jelp promote safe marijuana and extracts.I spend seventeen years putting people in jail for marijuana use because I was miseducated on the effects and benefits of marijuana. I regret my actions over that time amd am now active to legalize marijuana.

  • Jae Garrett

    Please educate yourselves!!!

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