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New Study Shows Cannabis Users Employed More Frequently than Non-Users

A new study conducted in Colorado has revealed that cannabis users are employed more than non-users.

BSD Analytics interviewed 2000 people from the Centennial State, 600 of whom were cannabis users. The rest were made up of those who don’t use cannabis but would consider it and those who don’t plan to ever use cannabis.

The conclusion of the study revealed that 64% of Coloradans who used cannabis were in full-time employment, compared to 54% of those who don’ use cannabis and don’t plan to. 51% of those who do not currently use cannabis but would consider its use held full-time jobs.

It was also revealed that household incomes were $16,000-$21,000 higher for those who use cannabis than those that don’t.

While this study should not be considered proof of the fact that cannabis use makes an individual more employable, it certainly denounces the theory that those who do use cannabis are unproductive, lazy and cannot find regular employment.


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