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New Survey Reveals 57% of Americans Want to Legalize Cannabis

The Washington Times have reported on a study that revealed 57% of Americans are now in favour of legalizing recreational cannabis. The government sponsored General Social Survey has been running every other year since 1973 and asks its respondents a number of questions regarding society, laws and politics.

The 2017 survey was the largest “Yes” response rate regarding legalizing recreational cannabis in its history. The inaugural survey in 1973 revealed only 19% of respondents were in favour of cannabis legalization. While growing support for changes in cannabis laws was evident in preceding surveys, it wasn’t until 2014 that more than 50% of respondents were in favour of legalization.

It is thought that the growing acceptance of cannabis as a potential therapeutic treatment, combined with a number of legal changes across American states were the main reasons for the record-breaking 57% in favour.

The table below shows the results of the survey from its inception. There is a clear upward curve in support of legalization from 1995 onwards, with an especially exceptional leap in “Yes” responses from surveys conducted after 2010.


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  • MichiGreen

    It’s nice that there is a growing acceptance regarding cannabis and the various forms, but there seems to be an enormous BIG business tsunami moving in to create and exploit it as a billion dollar business. I was really hoping that legalization would arrive slowly/quietly with less exploitation. With greater availability we should be seeing prices going down, but they seem to be the same or higher than when bought illegally. I predict that the “black market” will be a cheaper source than dispensaries, who will have to pay very high taxes. At least if it’s legalized it will make it much easier to establish production standards for consistent batches of cannabis and improved access for scientific research and production of medication.

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