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News Reporter Turned Activist Faces 50 Years in Jail

Charlo Greene, a former reporter at KTVA whose video of her quitting her job on live TV went viral, is now facing 54 years in prison for 14 offenses related to her new business.

Greene quit her job in 2014 after airing a piece on the Alaska Cannabis Club, which she owned.

After explaining she would be dedicating all of her time to “fighting for freedom and fairness,” she declared, “F*** it, I quit” on live TV.

The Guardian reported she faces 14 charges, including “misconduct involving a controlled substance.”

Alaska approved recreational pot but selling it wasn’t legal until the state’s legislature had organized a regulatory framework.

Speaking to The Guardian, Greene said she was shocked by the charges, “It could literally cost me the rest of my adult life.”

According to court records, detectives conducted “six undercover purchases and two raids in a five-month period” The Guardian reported.

The Alaska Attorney General released an opinion in August declaring the consumption of marijuana at social clubs illegal. It also stated that “unlicensed marijuana social clubs are public places like any other place of business such as cafes, movie theaters, or retail stores where marijuana consumption is not allowed by law.”

Original Source: Circa

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