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One for the Ladies: An Easy and Insightful Guide to DIY Cannabis Lube

Thanks to cannabis-infused lubes becoming more common nowadays, women may no longer have to deal with intercourse related issues when it’s time to dim the lights and cherish their bond with their partner.  

In addition to heightening the sensation in your lady parts, cannabis lubes can also help the area relax and improve lubrication.  

This is no longer a secret as even women who’ve never consumed cannabis can’t stop talking about the effects of a cannabis-infused lube, and how it has changed their sexual experiences for the better.  

Even though men may find cannabis lubes pleasurable as well, women appear to benefit the most and here’s why: 

Cannabis-infused lubrication induces multiple effects on the vaginal lips and passageway – for starters, it soothes and relaxes the area, making the female genitalia more efficient at producing its own natural lubricants. And, it can also increase the sensation as well as the number of orgasms experienced at a time.  

Clearly, there’s tremendous benefit to be had for women – however, before we share an easy-to-follow recipe for your very own DIY cannabis lube, we should get to know exactly how it works as well as the effects in a bit more detail. You can forget about asking your man to try different positions or in a worst-case scenario, resort to Viagra, because the solution to your intimacy woes might lie right here in this article.  

Why Every Woman Should Understand the Effects of Cannabis Lubes 

Cannabis-infused topicals can also be used in the form of a lube to provide additional lubrication for intercourse.  

Topically applied cannabinoids (the main active compounds in cannabis) work somewhat along the same lines as local anaesthetics – they only affect the areas that come into contact with it. This includes parts of the body where there’s tension or pain, or both.  

In case of the female reproductive organ, cannabinoids play multiple roles. Interesting to know – which many women including regular cannabis smokers may be completely unaware of – is that the vagina also contains cannabinoid receptors like our brains. So cannabis lube can stimulate the body’s natural sexual lubricant production.  

Perhaps this is starting to sound like cannabis lube is one female aphrodisiac that you just can’t be without – and that’s probably true.  

Combined with cannabis consumption in an edible, vaporiser or blunt, this could be the ultimate ticket to an enjoyable and memorable evening. In fact, make that enjoyable and memorable for two. However, latex and canna-lube do not go well together, so you and your partner should think about whether you’re willing to bypass protection entirely.  

However, for a fact, cannabis lubes can significantly improve a couple’s sex life, particularly in case of women – including those who are suffering from conditions like anorgasmia or vaginusmus – which adversely affect the pleasure factor or satisfaction women might otherwise reap from ‘good quality’ sex. 

What’s it Like for Women     

When a cannabis-infused lube is directly applied to the genitalia, it does a number of things – however, what it does not do is get you ‘high’ or introduce any change in your mood and/or emotions – the opposite is true when you smoke, eat or vape cannabis directly. 

Within a few minutes of application, you may experience a tingling sensation or warmth around your genital area. Since cannabinoids relax the muscles and generally make tissues more receptive to touch, the lube should ideally be used about 20-30 minutes prior to sexual activity.  

In case you’re wondering how the lube actually works its wonder, it’s all based on a simple ‘mode of action’:  

There are many mucous membranes within the female genitalia which absorb the THC present in the lube. THC, along with other cannabinoids that may be present in the lube, acts locally via the help of cannabinoid receptors in the vagina. Capillaries start to dilate which increases blood flow to the site of the application. Finally, the improved circulation increases sensation and sensitivity, making for one wondrous intimacy aid.  

If you feel that your sex life could use a dramatic and uplifting boost, then you seriously should consider taking canna-lube out for a test drive. You’ve got nothing to lose, and contrary to what some may say, there’s no way cannabis-infused lube can get you high, unlike dabbing or tinctures.  

People who have tried cannabis lube say that it creates a very unique and profound feeling which is localized only in the area applied – as if their private parts had a mind of their own. In fact, one woman’s experience after applying cannabis lube was described as ‘a localized euphoric pleasure which almost made her laugh carelessly with pleasure’.   

Men Can Play Their Part too 

All this talk seems to revolve around the fact that women, for the most part, benefit greatly from using cannabis lubes. This isn’t entirely true; although men will probably not feel the same aphrodisiac effect and heightened sensations as women, they can certainly use canna-lubes to improve penetration and perhaps, to some degree, delay ejaculation.  

Why it doesn’t affect men the same way as women is clear – men’s genitals don’t absorb cannabinoids the same way as the female genitalia does. But this doesn’t mean that men can’t enjoy the effects of DIY cannabis lube.  

For men, it’s fair to say that the enjoyment might mostly come in the form of knowing that their lady did not ‘fake it’ just to make him feel all proud and manly. In fact, throw in an edible or two along with the lube, and it’s squarely a win-win for both men and women.  

One male after experimenting with DIY marijuana lube said: “It’s pretty hard to mess up sex in general, but with cannabis lube it was just better than the usual ‘in and out’ because the intercourse improved so much – it made me feel really good that it was so much better for my woman.” 

Why DIY Cannabis Lube Makes more Sense than Off-the-shelf Lube 

Cannabis lubes are totally in vogue – more brands are marketing them, bringing along the promise of improved sexual experiences of the everyday woman. However, these commercial lubes can be very expensive and you don’t really know what’s in the list of ingredients even if the label says otherwise.  

When it comes to home-made lube, the key benefit is that you not only save lots of money but have complete control over what goes in it. Your skin and tissue is sensitive down there and we certainly don’t want it to come into contact with any substances that may adversely affect long-term genital health.  

We always recommend using organic grown buds so as to prevent harmful elements such as chemical fertilizers from coming into contact with your reproductive organs.  

Your Guide to DIY Cannabis 

Time to put all the hype to the test, but first things first – always go with a cannabis strain that’s rich in cannabinoids, particularly THC, as that will improve the potency and effects of the lube. Here’s what you’re going to need: 

  • A cup of coconut oil (8 ounces) 
  • A gram of hash or 16-18 grams of decarboxylated buds 
  • A tablespoon of liquid sunflower lecithin 
  • Cooking pot 
  • Refillable spray bottles or empty eye dropper bottles 

Directions to Prepare 

  • After warming up the oil, add your bud and lecithin. The oil only needs to be warm and not reach boiling point.  
  • Stir your brew at regular intervals during the 3-4 hour cooking period. The more time you give it, the better the buds will ‘leach’ THC into the oil – providing the most cannabinoids.  
  • Test the oil as you go; spoon out some of the oil, let it cool and apply it to the skin. If it starts to give you a warm and tingling sensation along with heightened sensitivity, then you have acquired the desired strength – although you can let it cook for longer if you want higher sensitivity.  
  • After the desired strength level has been reached, move the cooking pot away from the heat.  
  • Once the oil has cooled off properly, pour it into the refillable spray or eye dropper bottles. 
  • We would recommend storing the intimacy oil in a freezer, or at best, a cool and dark place before use.  

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it! Your very own DIY lube for intense cannabis-induced orgasms and even the added benefit of curing certain sexual disorders that prevent you from achieving healthy orgasms. As an added bonus, cannabis-infused lubes can also be applied to cure pain and discomfort in the area, and even works effectively to manage menstrual cramps. Just rub it in the area until you feel relieved and use a fresh application when needed.  

Ladies, your intimacy issues are a thing of the past. Whip up some DIY cannabis lube at home and embark on an exciting journey fraught with sexual nirvana. Re-energize your relationship and reminisce      over fond and intimate memories with your partner many years after.  

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