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“All for One” – Kick starting the Pro-Cannabis movement in Pop Culture

Singer/songwriter Addey Lane writes an exclusive blog for Seedsman, explaining why her new song could kick start the pro-cannabis movement.

Legalizing cannabis is one of the hottest topics in the U.S. today. Marijuana has been persecuted and slandered throughout the years by those with ulterior motives, such as protecting investments & stocks in competing industries. Two people can be credited with cementing the negative connotation associated with marijuana, helping to keep it illegal in the U.S.; William Randolph Hearst & Harry J. Anslinger.

Hearst spread lies and fear via publications he owned such as “The New York Journal”.  He did this to not only protect his lumber industry, but to up his newspaper sales. Harry J. Anslinger was the 1st commissioner of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Federal Bureau of Narcotics. These two men might have started the anti-cannabis movement, but it’s somehow managed to stay upheld for more than 80 years.

As a songwriter, I have this amazing outlet to vent all of the wonderful things that happen to me in my life, but also, to vent the frustrations that I experience on a daily basis.  Some of these frustrations are small, but the issue of legalizing cannabis isn’t one of them.  It is so frustrating because most people who are anti-legalization are just ignorant on the subject.  They do not take the time to educate themselves.  They simply believe what they’re told, unquestioningly, and latch on to the ever present stigma that has been associated with marijuana since the beginning of the 20th century.  They take that ignorance, hold it close, and run with it.  Instead of taking the time to educate themselves, and understand what it is that they are so passionately against, they blindly swallow what they’re fed, and concede to the lies.  To be fair, they have had a lot of help staying in the dark, but the time for ignorance is over.

It’s time for a change.

“All for One” is a song that I wrote to help kick start the pro-cannabis movement.  The song was written in a way to help give the pro-cannabis movement a voice in Pop Culture.  It was designed to reach those who wouldn’t normally pay attention.  The involvement of all kinds of different people from all walks of life is crucial in the fight to win back what has been taken away from us by our greedy government, and monopolized corporations. What has been taken away from us is the right to use cannabis, a natural gift, in all the ways it was made for; Fuel, food, medicine, textiles, paper, housing, oil, inspiration, and almost 50,000 other ways.

Please help allow this video to do what it was designed to do.  Spread the word by posting / sharing / tweeting, etc. the video wherever you can.  Thank you for your help in the fight to legalize cannabis.


Addey Lane is a singer / song writer born & raised in the South Bay, Torrance, CA.

Lane soft released her song “You” in May, 2013 as a taster for fans to satisfy the numerous requests for more Addey Lane music.  She officially released her insurgent pro cannabis/hemp, anti establishment single “ALL for ONE” in January 2014, followed by the Official Addey Lane – “ALL for ONE” – Music Video.  Both were received with rave reviews, and currently are quickly climbing the charts.  “All for One” was named “The Official 2014 Musical Cannabis Anthem Song for The Cannabis World Movement!” by HEMPCON 2014, and is backed by industry giants such as 420 Magazine.

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