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Paraguay Approves Bill Legalizing Medical Cannabis

Yet another South American country has taken its first step in the legal cannabis industry. On Tuesday, Paraguay passed a bill creating a state-sponsored system to import cannabis seeds and cultivate strains for medical purposes.

Earlier this year, the congress in Paraguay had actually approved the importation of cannabis oil, under control of the Health Ministry.

However, this week’s decision is a huge step forward as it means that the country can cultivate their own cannabis for patients in need.

Following the exciting news, Roberto Cabanas, a spokesperson for the National Medical Cannabis Organization stated;

“We are very happy because this will also allow for the import of seeds for oil production,”

Paraguay becomes the sixth South American country to legalize medical cannabis in some form. Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Chile have legalized cannabis for medical purposes, while Uruguay have legalised the cultivation and distribution of recreational and medical cannabis.


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