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Seeds of Knowledge Results: Week 1

We wanted to say a big thanks to all of you who entered our Seeds of Knowledge contest last week. Your responses were really informative and provided a great insight into the different grow techniques used within our community.

The lucky winners were Jefferson, Jessica, Joe, Ricardo, stanley, Ezra, Jorge, Charles, ronda, Jordin, Gary, james, Kyle, Anton, Ruby, Bethany, Craig, еÐ, Candus, Nick, tiffany, Jannik, Jeff, James, Jon, Joel, Eric, Dionisiy, Eduardo, Thomas, Kathryn, raymond, Jesse, Ed, mark, Luisa, Dwight, John, Macie, clifton, Brandon, Chris, Lori, Joseph, Michael, Abel, Rene, Amanda, Stephan and Emil.

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Answers to Grow Questions

This weeks Seeds of Knowledge questions were focused on germination, revealing the methods most people prefer to get the best germination results.

How do you germinate your seeds

By far the most popular method for germinating seeds among you was the paper towel method. 57% of respondents germinate their seeds this way.

For this method, get a couple of layers of paper towel and wet them. Place the seeds on the wet surface and then fold the towel over so that the seeds are completely covered and pour a little more water on it until it is saturated. Take the wet paper towel with seeds in and carefully place in a sealable food bag. Place this in a warm spot like the top of the fridge or in a towel on a heat mat (you don’t want to cook them). Leave them for 24-48 hours and when you come back to check you should see them germinating. 

How do you aerate your soil?

Plants need healthy root systems. We asked you how you aerate your soil and the majority of you said you used perlite, with coconut coir and vermiculite being the next most popular.

Perlite is mined volcanic glass. It is an inert porous substance with a neural pH that can help retain moisture in the soil and aid drainage. It also provides proper aeration to the soil supporting the development of a healthy root system.

Coconut coir, the recycled and processed natural fibre from the coconut husk, has recently gained in popularity as a growing medium. It also aids drainage and helps keep roots oxygenated.

Vermiculite is a natural mineral product made from silicate material that is mined from the ground. It increases water and nutrient retention and helps with aeration, although for the latter not as effectively as perlite.

Do you use a heating mat?

This was a closer call – with 48% reporting no use of heat mat, and 44% saying you did use them.

For more information on seed germination click here.

Please keep your answers coming and join our Seeds of Knowledge Contest to win your free cannabis seeds.

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