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The Seedsman Bestsellers – CBD Therapy by CBD Crew

1. What is CBD Crew’s Best Selling Strain?

Our best selling strain is CBD Therapy, it is the perfect strain for those who are looking for strains such as Avidekel, ACDC, Harlequin which only exists as clones and not in seed form until now. We sold out faster than we thought and we are working on restocking the seeds after some adjustments, it will still take some time before the upgraded version of CBD Therapy will be released.

2. What is the Story of this Strain and why was it Created?

CBD Therapy was created especially for people who need medicine high in CBD and low THC but do not necessarily have the access to clones or testing facilities. It is suitable for the treatment of epilepsy, inflammatory diseases, anxiety, depression and for those who have a low tolerance for THC but still need cannabis as medicine.

CBD is a component in all strains at CBD Crew but Therapy is special as you can find phenotypes of up to 30:1 CBD:THC. Our eventual aim is to ensure that 100% of the seeds we create will be high CBD and low THC; at the moment, about 60% of the seeds are CBD dominant while the other 40% will be closer to 1:1. The good news is that there will never be a THC dominant pheno; the CBD will always be higher or 1:1.

We created this strain solely from cannabis genetics usually high in THC.

It is a good yielding plant with indica dominant characteristics. It is also an easy strain to grow, so everyone from beginners to experienced growers will enjoy this gem.

3. What is the Most Impressive Characteristic of Therapy?

I would say the most impressive characteristic of this strain is its medical aspects, its ability to be CBD dominant and the fact that it is created solely from cannabis plants which are usually is high in THC. For medical use its been considered revolutionary.

4. Why do you Think Therapy is your Bestseller?

This strain is what the world has been waiting for. As we are the first to present such a strain to the cannabis market solely made with cannabis genetics and no hemp genetics is something we are proud of, and happy that we can offer it to the public and those who need it.

5. Where Can People Find More Information about this Strain?

You can find more information about this strain on Here, you can also read testimonials from users of all our strains and more information about medical cannabis in general.

Buy the perfect medical strain for you at now.

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