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The Seedsman Bestsellers – Jack La Mota from Medical Seeds

We spoke to our good friends at Medical Seeds to discover why Jack La Mota is their bestselling strain here at Seedsman.

1.Explain the Origins of Jack La Mota and the Reason Why this Strain was Created

Created in honour of the well-known pro-activist Jack Herer, Jack La Mota is a multi-hybrid created by crossbreeding the most potent Dutch Cannabis varieties: Northern Lights, #5 Haze and Skunk.  This variety combines the top characteristics of these genetics, it has the high productivity yield of the indicas and the massive THC concentrations of the sativas.  Also favoring its production potencial with larger and tighter buds.

2.What are the Unique Features that you Believe Make this Strain a Bestseller?

Because of the quality of its high, Jack La Mota is very stimulating, with a strong cerebral and euphoric sensation. Within an hour, it changes into a more indica-like effect of cerebral relaxation and mellowness. The stimulating effects throughout are very social and creative.

Also, the flavor of the strain is unmistakably Haze, with an intense fragrance accompanied by sweet and fresh citric tones of lemon and lime, making it a feast for the senses.

3.What Reactions Have you Had from Customers Regarding Jack La Mota?

In addition to its flavor and quality of high, our customers appreciated this strain for it’s high capacity in the production of resin to make cannabis oils and other therapeutic medicine requiring high THC levels.

4.What Kind of Cannabis Cultivator Would Love this Strain?

When growing, Jack La Mota shows its full potential in hydroponic systems, producing a calyx-leaf ratio which is very high. On top of that, it is also a highly valued plant for outdoor cultivation and is especially quick to manicure.

5. Can you tell Seedsman Customers why the Should Try Jack La Mota, in Just One Sentence?

It is simply the perfect companion for social events and to get into the creative process.

Jack La Mota feminised is available to purchase from Seedsman now. Click here to Buy Now!

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