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The Seedsman Bestsellers – Pink Lemon-Aid from Mosca Seeds

We sat down with our good friends at Mosca Seeds to discover which of the strains is their best seller.

What is Mosca Seeds Best Selling Strain?

Currently, our best selling strain is Pink Lemon-Aid.

What is the Story of this Strain?

The mother plant we used is very special- she is the Lemon-G strain from Ohio that goes back many years. She has a unique lime rind aroma and taste and is a very strong smoke. We created this strain to bring out the taste, terpenes and fantastic high.

What are the Standout Characteristics of the Strain?

The Pink Lemon-Aid’s secret is her amazing taste and haze-like high. This is a result of the perfect marriage of two opposite and different strains complimenting each other.

Why do you Believe this Strain is a Bestseller?

Because Pink Lemon-Aid is different than other strains and very unique. All who smoke her agree she is a stand out strain because she delivers clarity and euphoria to your high and cuts through all other pot that was smoked prior!

Where Can People Find Out More About Pink Lemon-Aid?

They can follow us on Instagram or visit our website.

Pink Lemon-Aid is available to buy from Seedsman now!

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