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The Seedsman FAST Collection – Now 20% Off

By combining the unrivalled potency of photoperiod strains with the fast growth cycle of autoflowering strains, Seedsman have created some incredibly fast feminised plants, all with rich cannabinoid profiles that flower in just 6-7 weeks. And for the first time, we are offering three of our most popular fast strains in an unrivalled collection. This Fast strain collection is designed to offer the most streamlined path to superior plants of the very highest quality. Look no further for quick flowering strains – buy our Fast collection now at an incredible 20% off!

You can buy this collection from Seedsman now, by clicking here!

Check out which three strains you can buy in our collection!

White Widow FAST Feminised

White Widow Fast retains the qualities that have made the original White Widow such a hit with smokers and growers alike for so long yet manages to shorten its flowering time by a week.

The South Indian and Brazilian heritage produces white, frosty, knock-out buds that have become a by-word for fast-acting, hard-hitting weed. Buds appear to have been dipped in sugar crystals and have a beautiful smooth smoke. Yields of this high-THC indica/sativa strain are decent at 350 – 450 gr/m2 in 6 – 7 weeks of flowering. Outdoorsand greenhouses are also suitable environments due to it being ready to harvest during September in northern latitudes.

The effect is powerful and hits in the head at first before evolving into a relaxing body-stone. White Widow FAST has an impressive rating of 5/5 from Seedsman customers.

Power Africa x MK Ultra Fast Feminised

Power Africa x MK Ultra Fast is a potent and high-yielding marijuana strain which is indica-dominant. It is a mould-resistant plant that grows well outdoors largely due to its Durban genetics.

This strain is characterised by big, rock-hard buds which exude a fruity aroma with a taste to match. Plants grow 80 – 120 cm. tall and produce yields of 400 – 450 gr/m2 in 6 – 7 weeks indoors. When grown outdoors or in greenhouse environments harvest time will be during September in northern latitudes. Power Africa x MK Ultra FAST has a current rating of 4.9/5 from Seedsman customers.

Original Skunk #1 FAST Feminised

Original Skunk #1 Fast version really lives up to its name finishing flowering in just 7 weeks instead of 9! Skunk lovers will really appreciate the fact that their buds will be dried and ready a fortnight quicker.

Original Skunk #1 Fast retains all of the unique qualities that have made Skunk a by-word for potent cannabis: its good yields of high-THC, dense, green buds flecked with gold, its sweet taste, powerful Skunk aroma, high calyx to leaf ratio and incredible cerebral high. Plants grow to a height of between 80 – 120 cm. and yield 400 gr/m2 in just 6 – 7 weeks of flowering. Outdoors and greenhouses are also suitable environments for growing this marijuana strain where it will be ready to harvest during September before the adverse weather and autumn rains compromise the crop.

Fans of the original Skunk #1 will love the fast version and will be enjoying their harvest 2 weeks sooner. Original Skunk #1 FAST currently holds a rating of 5/5 from Seedsman customers.


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