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Seedsman Introduce Eight New Seedbanks for Summer!

The Seedsman purchasing department are always working hard to introduce new, reputable, well-reviewed seedbanks to our customers. And this month, we have introduced 8 new seedbanks and nearly 130 new strains to our website!

But how do we choose which strains and breeders make the grade to appear on our seed store?

Any breeders that are listed on our site are carefully selected from a long list of companies wishing to sell their products with Seedsman. They are selected based on a number of factors including CBD content, THC content, therapeutic value, flavour, lineage, genetics and the breeders reputation.

Most of all, Seedsman is always on the lookout for unique strains from breeders, and won’t discount smaller seedbanks over more established breeders. We are proud of that fact that we became the first online company to sell autoflowering strains and High-CBD strains and we want to continue to break ground in the industry.

Seedsman are always looking for new seedbanks to stock so why not leave a comment below and give two reasons as to why you think we should stock your favourite seedbank. If we decide to stock any of your suggested seedbanks in the next three months, you could be in with a chance of winning a €100 voucher to spend on Seedsman!



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