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Seedsman Investigates…Cannabis and Cancer

In this special report, Seedsman heads to the University of Madrid to discuss the research into Cannabis and its possible anti-cancer properties.

In our latest ‘Seedsman Investigates’ video, we visit the University of Madrid to discuss their work into Cannabis and its potential anti-cancer properties.

Professor Manuel Guzman, a Biochemistry professor from the University explained what his department were trying to achieve with their research;

“The major focus of (the university’s) research is trying to identify the mechanisms by which cannabinoids, the active components of cannabis, act in our body and more precisely trying to find potential therapeutic applications of cannabinoids in the fields of oncology and neurone regeneration.”

For the last decade, Guzman has been heavily involved in the study of cannabinoids and their impact on cell generation. His research has been pivotal in putting the effects and implications derived from cannabinoids into the pubic eye.

The University of Madrid have identified that cannabinoids, especially two compounds, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) have proven anti-cancerous effects on tumours in mice and rats. However, the next major step is finding out how cannabinoids effect tumour growth in human patients who have cancer.

Although major progress has been made in the field of cannabinoids as treatment for cancer, Guzman still believes that plenty of work still needs to be done in defining what type of cancers can be treated or controlled by cannabinoids.

“So far there is no therapy at all that is effective for all types of cancer…the first question of course is whether cannabinoids can be promising in treating cancer but first we have to try and define which types of cancer are really prone to being treated with cannabinoids because I expect that some are sensitive to cannabinoids, while others are not”.

Watch the video now to hear more about the research that Professor Guzman and the University of Madrid are doing.

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