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Seedsman Photo Cup: Meet the Judges – Morgan English

With the Seedsman Photo Cup Spring Prize Draw closing today, we thought we would introduce to you our sixth judge, who will be selecting the best entries into the competition so far.

Alongside Paul StanfordCurtis TaylorDevin SteinChris Romaine, Sean Moore and a host of other industry influencers, Morgan English, a photographer, writer and entrepreneur in the cannabis industry, will be on the judging panel of the Photo Cup.

Morgan – who runs This Cannabis Life – was selected by Seedsman for her comprehensive and varying talents in a number of creative fields, including photography.

Tell us about your background?

Portland, Oregon

My name is Morgan English, I grew up in California with my heart set on working within the music industry.

I ended up moving to Portland for college and really grew into the cannabis enthusiast I am today during my time in the Pacific North West.

I began taking family photos which quickly evolved into taking photos of weed and those who use it to uplift their lives.

Can you explain why and how This Cannabis Life started?

Morgan’s Photography Skills

I started This Cannabis Life when I saw that I wasn’t truly represented in the cannabis space.

With photos flooding in on social media of lifestyles and overall styles that I didn’t identify with, I knew there must be others like me who would love to see clean, stylized imagery but done for cannabis. Thusly, TCL was born.

You explain on your website that you are a writer, photographer and entrepreneur. Is there one of these things that you feel most passionate about?

There isn’t one I feel more passionate about at all since the underlying factor in all of them is the people I get to work with.

Whether I’m writing a blog, shooting in the desert, or shaping a new business I always thrive on the connections I’ve made along the way.

How big do you think the idea of cannabis as a lifestyle trend can be?

I know cannabis will be an everyday part of life in the near future.

Las Vegas just legalized smoking lounges which is a big step in that direction. THC will one day be in everyone’s cabinets like fish oil.

Do you still feel there is a way to go before the media starts treating cannabis users as regular people and not just archetypal ‘stoners’?

A number of anti-cannabis media articles

We are definitely getting close. Cannabis is being welcomed into family homes and people are getting educated every day how to use it not just to get messed up.

It’s a long process but we’re on the right track.

What will you be looking at from a photography perspective when judging the Seedsman Photo Cup?

Composition, color, focus, balance. I will be checking that the photographer has made it clear what the subject of the photo is, whether plant or person.

Has it been properly color corrected?… I will be considering a lot of factors.

What advice do you have for those who want to enter the Cup but don’t have much professional standard equipment to hand?

It never hurts to submit!

If your photo needs some work you’ll be able to leave the contest knowing what to improve on. Snap some photos, even with your phone!

Morgan English

Morgan is one of a number of high-profile influencers who will be judging the winners of the Seedsman Photo Cup 2019.

To get involved, simply head to the Seedsman Photo Cup page and upload your entries now!

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