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Seedsman’s Top 5 autoflowering feminised seeds

Autoflowering feminised seeds have topped our popularity charts for a few years now as the quality and potency of these strains has increased.

The main advantage is the quick turn-around time and the lack of extra care and attention these plants need. Most autoflowers will race from seed to harvest in 8-12 weeks and they don’t need the external cues (such as specific light cycles) that cannabis normally requires to start the flowering process. Other advantages include their compact size, making them easy to grow on balconies or small spaces, as well as their resilience. They generally exhibit strong, sturdy and resilient genetics being that they stem, genetically speaking, from Cannabis ruderalis, a cannabis variety that adapted to the cold and harsh environments of Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia. Being feminised also means that you don’t have to worry about males in your crop. So, to put it simply, autoflowering feminised seeds eradicate many of the usual concerns you might have with a regular photoperiodic strain, and generally give you a faster harvest.

Our top 5 Auto fems

#5 Blueberry Auto

Auto Blueberry is an autoflowering Blueberry strain that was bred from a Lowryder #2 male plant and an old-skool Blueberry from Sagarmartha Seeds. It is a very vigorous plant which grows rapidly before beginning the flowering phase. It develops plenty of side-branches which help to increase yields. Potency from this strain is good and the flavour is deliciously fruity. It is a great looking plant that can develop the lovely colours that Blueberry is renowned for, although this becomes more likely with lower night-time temperatures. You can expect a good harvest at around 2.5 months from germination. THC levels can vary and as with most of our autoflowering plants CBD levels will be relatively high, providing a clear mental high together with good relaxation.

#4 Northern Lights Auto

Northern Lights Auto was created by crossing Northern Lights with a ruderalis strain to add autoflowering properties. It is a robust and resistant indica-dominant hybrid producing high levels of THC (23%) and minimal CBD (.5%), with good yields. As with the vast majority of auto strains it grows well in all growing environments. It starts to flower at week 8 or 9, meaning that two outdoor harvests per season is perfectly possible in all but higher latitudes. It has good resistance to mould, plant diseases and pests. Towards the end of its life a range of green, blue and purple shades will both surprise and delight growers.

The scent and taste are fruity and sweet with earthy pine and sweet ‘n’ sour plum jam coming to the fore. THC levels are very high at 23% with a mere 0.5% CBD. The effect is one of mental relaxation coupled with a strong body high.

#3 Zkittlez Auto

This is one of the sweetest tasting auto strains on the market. Created from Zkittlez (Grape x Grape Apple) crossed with a male Fruit Auto (Fruit Cheese Auto x Blueberry Auto), growers can expect to harvest some large yields of high THC buds.

 Zkittlez Auto is a fairly short plant, rarely exceeding 100 cm in height wherever it is grown. She is vigorous and hardy and able to metabolise a high level of nutrients. If growing indoors close to neighbours it is strongly advised to ensure good and effective carbon air-filtration in order to neutralise the powerful scent. The leaves on this plant are big and wide and lateral branching is very good. It is recommended to use supports/ties to prevent snapping and keep buds close to the light source. This strain’s life-cycle is approximately 75 days from seed to harvest.

Enjoy a scent that is fruity with lemon and blueberry alongside petrol notes, producing a taste that is like candied berries. Its high-THC effect is well-balanced being very good for social situations as well as relaxing in front of the TV either alone or with company.

#2 OG Kush Auto

A perfect strain for those looking to cultivate in a smaller space, OG Kush Auto is an indica dominant plant whose maximum height reaches a little over a metre tall. However, despite its diminutive stature, OG Kush packs a punch with THC levels of 15-20%. Utilizing its Kush lineage, it offers a heavy wave of euphoria that can alleviate the stresses of everyday life.

OG Kush has a veritable feast of aromas and flavours, ranging from the sour citrus of many Kush varieties, to a distinct and unique peppery taste which will surprise and excite even the most knowledgeable cannabis connoisseur. Expect to harvest abundant thick buds at around 75 days from germination.

#1 Alaskan Purple Auto

This year’s most popular Seedsman strain, Alaskan Purple Auto is a predominantly indica strain producing some very attractive yields in a short space of time. Created by crossing Alaskan Purple with a ruderalis strain, it has a sweet, fruity flavour and a strong relaxing high.

Alaskan Purple Auto is a sizeable plant for an auto with yields to match.  Indoors its life cycle is around 8 weeks with some examples coming in at around the 7 week mark. Indoor yields are in the range 400 – 550 g/m2. When grown outdoors harvest time will be approximately one week later with each plant capable of producing between 40 – 200 g depending on local conditions. Sweet ripe fruits abound on the palate, and with THC levels between 15 – 20% its relaxing indica effect doesn’t lack potency.

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