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The SIX Varieties of Cannabis?

I compare cilantro to marijuana. If cilantro were like marijuana we would see “close cilantro users”, “underground cilantro grows” and “cilantro variation”. That last bit is what I want to expand upon heavily in this piece.

Cilantro variation?

No, cannabis variation.

Cannabis variation is the reason why I argue that there are six type of cannabis rather than three.

The three big ones are: Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis.

Cannabis Ruderalis is the least important for this because it is the least psychoactive. This is the fancy and scientific name for the hemp plant, long utilized for its fibrous textile properties.

Cannabis Indica is the classic “couchlock” style of high. Some people say “In-da-couch” to remind them of this cannabis variant’s sedating properties.

Cannabis Sativa is the classic “energic” go outside and do things style of high.

These last two types, sativa and indica have been bread together to form many of the tasty hybrid strains you enjoy puffing on today. Lemon Diesel? Lemon Haze X Sour Diesel. White Berry? White Widow X Blueberry.

Cannabis can be bread to create three forms of hybrid, which are as follows; sativa dominant, indica dominant and true. The last is a bit of an anomaly on my part, as nothing in the cannabis genetics world could be truly a 50-50 split. At the end of the day, something is dominant. Regardless of this, my argument is that a true hybrid is a strain that has been produced by breeding indica with sativa and neither genetic can be determined dominant. It would be a definitional “true hybrid” when the cannabis aficionados blind sampling it consistently came up with inconclusive results as to whether it was more indica or sativa. This is how I have come up with the six types of cannabis that online seedbanks have given us.

1. Cannabis Sativa – the most energetic

2. Cannabis Sativa Dominant – mostly energetic.

3. Cannabis True Hybrid – equally energetic and sedating.

4. Cannabis Indica Dominant – mostly sedating

5. Cannabis Indica – the most sedating.

6. Cannabis Ruderalis – Hemp used for textiles

I hope that these six varieties catch on. Sure we can differentiate that some sativa dominant hybrids are more sativa than others (an 80/20 cross is more energizing than a 60/40 cross) but that is nitty-gritty details. The big thing that the public should become aware of is the big six aforementioned, cannabis concentrates, edibles, CBD’s and CBN’s can all come later. Right now I believe there is a lack in public knowledge towards cannabis and the stigma is that it is “too hard” or “too much” to learn. I just broke it down into six types, and one of those makes rope. The other five get users high. My goal with this piece is to get new readers familiarized with the spectrum of cannabis (sativa through indica), and hopefully that will get readers interested in learning more about cannabis genetics.

If people can take the time to learn which grapes make which wines and which grains make what spirits we, as human beings in 2014 should take the time to learn which types of cannabis do what.

by Maxwell Bradford


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