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South Africa Set to Legalize Medical Cannabis

South Africa are set to become the very first African country to legalize medical cannabis. The nations’ Medicines Control Council (MCC) stated that it will publish proposed guidelines on cannabis production and use in the immediate future.

The idea was first introduced to South African parliament by the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), whose late parliamentary member Mario Oriani-Ambrosini wanted to legalize cannabis shortly before his death from lung cancer.

Current IFP member Nared Singh announced to the press last week that the party had received a letter from the MCC outlining their plans of proposed guidelines. The letter states;

“I wish to confirm that our office is working on a number of guidance documents to be shared with the public relating to the manufacture of cannabis for medicinal purposes. These guideline documents have been prepared by the MCC cannabis working group, who will report to the MCC at their meeting of 16 and 17 February 2017 on the guidelines and investigations done to support regulatory processes for the manufacture of cannabis for medicinal use. Having said that, I trust that our office will be able to share the MCC proposed guidelines for the manufacture of cannabis for medicinal use on the MCC website following the planned MCC meeting of mid-February,”

More to follow…


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  • Walter Green

    This is awesome! So many people suffering from ailments that can easily be cured and aided through mother nature’s medical plant! Let’s hope they go one step further and legalize it completely!

  • Jaco Mienie

    Well actually it’s been completely legalized, you can nou legally grow and use it in South Africa as long as you do it within you own home, you are however not aloud to sell or buy it from other growers

    • Manda Matthaei

      Not true, sadly, the fight continues. Check out the Dagga Couples page to find out about the battle and legal status

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