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Strain Profile: 1980’s – Chocolate Skunk

This week’s installment of the Seedsman Top Five is a continuation of the series “strains throughout the decades”. We’ve covered Acapulco Gold for the 1960’s and Panama Red for the 1970’s and now we hop forward to the 1980’s for yet another throwback strain – Chocolate Skunk.

Crossing a smooth and subtle cocoa flavored bud with something zippy and fast paced like a “Thai Skunk” is the underpinning of this iconic strain – cross a fan-favorite flavor with a renowned high THC content strain.

The eighties were ‘a time of immense change’ in the world. Sting was in The Police, ‘Just Say No’ was the catchphrase for a societal pipedream, and the Berlin Wall was dismantled on live television. What a time to be alive.

That “immense change” is even detectable in the grow styles that popped up in the 80’s. Acapulco Gold and Panama Red were the result of barebones grows that selectively bred out the weaker and less potent phenotypes. Chocolate Skunk was the result of some growers (presumably in, or with a connection to Thailand) who said “lets cross our two favorites and see if we can keep the potency of strain no. 1 and try to get the flavor and aroma of strain no. 2”

That style of projected growth and planning ahead was somewhat unheard of at this time. Before these designer strains, the cannabis community has just barely laid the groundwork for a grow style that only promoted the best and most potent. Breeding for flavor was just another example of how the 1980’s made a huge leap forward with technology.

Chocolate Skunk from OO Seeds is a throwback to the era of arcade games and Converse shoes. This strain is a great uplifting sativa dominant hybrid with a smooth an Earthy finish. Look for a heavier Indica strain if you’re trying to find a bud that will help you sleep or rest. This mostly sativa strain is going to have you up and problem solving like MacGyver – no heavy upper eyelids or long yawns from this cut. Chocolate Skunk provides the smoker with a perfect balance of smooth nutty flavor and uplifting buzz.

One noteworthy comment from OO Seeds is that the grow period should be limited on this strain. In theory, if you lived in a warm subtropical climate and grew these seeds outdoors, you’d see a much different collection of plant life than if you grew them indoors or during a shortened grow season in a less hospitable zone. This is because this cut of cannabis genetics has some strong sativa in it. This strain wants to grow up and out. If you’re growing indoors in a tented setup with nutrient timers and state-of-the-art lighting, just make sure you pull your plants out of veg. when that time comes. This strain will continue to grow if you don’t put it in flower. That might be good for you, or that might be bad. Personally I’d think its great because it can help you play around with various bending or topping techniques to improve your overall yield.

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