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Strain Profile: 8 Ball Kush from Barney’s Farm

Want to grow something short?

Why not try 8 Ball Kush Feminized Seeds from Barney’s Farm.

This is the classic “lofted bed, stealth grow” cut of kush that you’d want to ensure your sleep patterns and stealth grow.

8 Ball Kush is a real treat because if you’re playing your cards right, you can easily keep it below 60cm. Perfect for a hidden spot, closet, lofted bed, or double (veg and flower) in a shed.

I’m a huge proponent of stealth consumption, because you never know where you’ll be. That being said, a smaller sized grow can also mean a bigger yield. If you had a small grow, and suddenly had more space, you can reprodcuce your small grow over and over like cells of honey in a beehive. This is, in practice, the small batch theory. If you had the option of six small tents that were the same size as one large tent, take the six. Yes there is more zipping and unzipping, and maybe even more wires, but if anything should go wrong in your grow, you’re in a better position than if it happened to the other 5/6 of your grow.

Smaller and shorter plants do not mean smaller yields. Smaller grows mean smaller yields. Just remember that when you’re buying into this. If I was you, I’d only buy these if I was getting a full setup to accommodate them. This is a really cool low-profile Kush that can take a beating. This plant is rugged and hairy. Some nice potency and sedating capabilities as well, but don’t expect to lose your mind on this one – it’s not chart–topper.

I built a yurt a week and a half ago that took no less than 4-5hrs. Now it’s a standing structure capable of housing a grow. 4-5hrs is not a lot of time in the growing world – so, if you’re ready to set up some new ideas and break out your building supplies, I highly recommend this strain. If you get a lot of small grows going, then you can start playing with which tents do flower, which tents do veg and which tents are for drying and trimming before curing.

This is a strain that you could start a secret little ecosystem with.

If you’re looking for something taller or lankier, check out a master kush or any strain with the nametag XXL attached to it. Those are going to be suitable and actually preferred for your outdoor setups.

Kush is one of my favorite strains so I really can’t speak fondly of it enough. It’s earthy and hashy, and if you had to compare it to a bar-shelf bottle of booze I’d say it’s a scotch. Theres deep flavor there, woodsy, cinnamon and spice. Hashy and aged kief flavors.

IF you’re looking for a classic example of middle eastern genetics, sedation, and the ability to grow quick and low – this is your strain. Give it lots of work, make it bend or top it – this strain is a fighter.

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