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Strain Profile: 9 Pound Hammer

9 Pound Hammer Regular Seeds from TGA Subcool Seeds are the bee’s knees. If you have your grow running like a Swiss timepiece, and you’re confident in your abilities to bring out the best in a strain, buy these right now.

These seeds are akin to the beans that Jack brings home in that classic fairy tale. Someone in your inner-circle might think ‘the cheese has slid of your cracker’ when you tell them you paid ten Euro per seed, but I can assure you, you’ll be the one with the last laugh. Give this strain a full sixty days to work its magic, but after you hit that point of 9wks, you’ll be pleasantly impressed with the genetics you’ve just bought into.

Sticky, sweet and resin crusted buds. Gorgeous dark leaves with some great coloring. Shades of purple, orange and red will all be apparent under a blanket of kief. This strain is a trifecta of fruity flavor, colorful visual appearances, and mind-numbing potency. Delightful notes of plums, pears and grapes will dazzle any fan of “the fruits” in cannabis.  I’m quite confident that the strain “9 Pound Hammer” or something involved with it could walk home with any number of cups or trophies in the next year or so. This strain is a game changer for cannabis users that were previously convinced that a strain could only reign victorious in two of the following; flavor, visual appearance, and potency. Nine Pound Hammer takes the cake in all three categories. Gorgeous, tasty, and devastatingly potent – this strain should be on everyone’s radar.

TGA Subcool is a guild of genius growers who branched out from the medical marijuana world and decided to start making their own proprietary strains. Nine Pound Hammer is easily one of their premier strains because of the triple-cross genetics its prided on having.

Hells OG
Jack The Ripper

Research any of those strains and you’ll be blown away by the positive reviews. Combine and smoke all three and you’re bashing your brains out with the proverbial Nine Pound Hammer.

This strain isn’t for the new grower or the cannabis user with a lower tolerance. This is the big “private reserve” cut of cannabis genetics that will have you fully aware of how devastating a single strain can be. You will see that all of the work you put into this strain pays off.  Only grow this in a single strain environment until you get a firm understanding of what this strain needs in order to be successful.  Initially isolating this and growing it on its own will prove usefull.

With this sticky, and ooey-gooey indica, expect to be tired. This is not your early morning strain unless you’re waking up in pain and trying to go back to bed. This strain has some heavy narcotic qualities to it. After you indulge in this sweet and fruity indica, you might find yourself fumbling over your words, or in the back of the freezer looking for another pint of ice cream.

This strain is going to knock you down, and the only thing that will get back up is your appetite.

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