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Strain Profile: Afghan Kush by World of Seeds

“The size of a bud does not reflect its ability to get you high” – that’s a lesson that took me a while to wrap my head around. Sometimes you’ll find a very potent strain that you enjoy and it’s only got those smaller “popcorn” nugs. Afghan Kush Feminised Seeds by the World of Seeds is an amazing example of what an Indica can really do.

I have never felt unsatisfied or that I “needed more” after a bowl of Afghani, and it is for that reason that this is absolutely my favorite for “before-bed” use. I have a broad relationship with pot – sometimes I want something zippy and sour – sometimes I want some really dark purps. Before bed – I just want to go to bed, and Afghan Kush is absolutely known for its ability to help users fall asleep.

The buds are going to be larger (although I have seen them small on a few occasions). Their telltale” feature” is that the buds are hard because they’re just so dense. I could absolutely believe that it was a strain of this origin that inspired someone to create a grinder to break it up rather than using your fingers. You’ll be working to assemble an old school joint on an album cover if that the way you roll. One reason I want to stress that these buds are very dense is in regards to buying weight. An eighth ounce of “fluffy” lighter weed can look like a quarter ounce of dense and harder weed. My suggestion is “don’t get worried and start wondering if you’re getting ‘shorted’ the second you see the agreed upon amount in its container” – I can almost guarantee (especially if you’re in good standing with your dealer) that when you get home from and weigh it; it will all be there. This strain just produces very full and heavy nugs.

As far as flavor and aroma goes – deep and rich earth tones – light accents of pine. This strain will smell woody and have a smooth and light finish – very hoppy and almost oaky. This is a “classic” flavor of weed – not a lot has been manipulated in these genetics to isolate any one flavor. This strain was bread in Afghanistan for its potency – the flavor (classic and delightfully light) is just what you get with that.

My absolute favorite thing about this strain is that I can really get a lot of use out of it in its flower form. My favorite thing to do with this strain (or really any kiefy indica strain) is to finely grind it and then sift it for kief. The kief is kief – you have a lot of options from there – sprinkle it in joints, top bowls, save it in a mason jar until you can press it. Now go back to your shake – most strains would be unbearably weak after this process – you’ve sifted all of the kief off of it. Most strains I’d recommend using the shake to make either an extract or pot-butter for baking. With Afghan Kush, its still strong, roll that up into joints and I can promise you’ll still be high.

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