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Strain Profile: Afgooey

Afgooey is the first strain of live resin that I ever acquired. Looking back on when I bought it at the beginning of 2015, during the recent peak in interest towards terpene-rich cannabis extracts, it says a lot about the quality of this strain as a whole. Within the last calendar year, extract artists have begun to perfect a form of extraction that uses a ‘freshly-frozen’ and ‘fully-chopped’ cannabis plant – the result, although expensive, is a massively flavorful and sugary extract that is the most expensive product by the gram in any given cannabis shop.

The point I’m alluding to, is if you’re an extract artist, and you have just found a way to make a more expensive, flavorful and “dabbable” extract, you’re not going to use a mediocre strain. Afgooey is the strain you use.

This high has been described as “confusing” and “almost chaotic” and I would absolutely agree. This is an abrupt and blunt indica high. Think monkey-wrench, not katana. This strain has some sedative and narcotic qualities and it absolutely scratches the surface of “dissociative anesthetic” as far as cannabis goes.

This strain is the bee’s knees you are in pain at the end of the day. You won’t even remember what hurt, or why it was hurting.

If you are in dire need of a quick burst of creativity, or you’re a mid-afternoon smoker who uses cannabis to increase productivity, steer clear of this strain. This is the type of strain that you would go out to take a few drags of at lunch, and never clock back in. Save this for “PM”or “weekend” use.

The plant is a hearty and resinous indica variant with medium-large buds that fairs well inside and outdoors. The flavor profile of this strain is out-of-this world. A perfect blend of the deep oak and hashy notes from the Afghan genetics and a distinct citrus and fruity finish. Like the renowned “Sour Diesel” or “Blue Cheese”, this strain has two very distinct flavors to it. The smoothness of the hashy flavors accented by the quick bite of citrus make this an absolute delight to smoke, vaporize, or extract.

If you are looking for a quick, light, or fast-paced high that can inspire you to go out and “get things done” – this is not that strain. If you want something that will just mellow you out and “take me away” – this is exactly the strain you want. Afgooey will be fun to grow and it’s hearty stem structure will support even the most revolutionary of grow styles. In terms of quantity, I’d recommend a tent or plot devoted to this strain. This might not be the best for a mixed bag of seeds because the flavor profile is very mild and light already – growing this near a “Thai Skunk” or a “Big Cheese” might rob this perfected Afgooey of it’s light and lovely flavor profile.

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