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Strain Profile: African Buzz from Seedsman

These strains are truly a treat and have some great African genetics to them. I love the fact that these genetics are listed as “Malawi” – this is a true globally sourced strain like Blueberry, Thai Skunk or Dutch Rocket. Somebody flew somewhere to get this to you. Somebody met with growers, found the best, and then got it back.

Global cannabis varieties such as this are really special when you think about the fact that this was, just a few decades ago, wildly inaccessible to the public.

The flavors in this are going to be nutty, earthy and woody. Similar to a Ryder or a Kush variety – if you get a chance to vaporize this strain, please, please do. Deeper and earthier strain are oftentimes mulled over by the harshness of a crude combustion, and well, just like you treat a Lavender or Strawberry Cough with respect when you smoke it (to not torch everything) try really doing the same with this.

You’ll really like the deeper and spicier flavors you unlock. Another great comparison for these flavors would be like cake and holiday spices. Cinnanmon, cardamom, ginger. There’s some heat and almost spice to this strain. It’s delectable.

I would absolutely grow this outdoors. This strain was meant or lots of space and almost dry terrain. If you’re able to do this outdoors, I absolutely believe that you must. The flavor you’ll get from your own soil and these genetics is going to be unsurpassed.

THC content will be a little lower so this is a very solid option for people who feel they get “too high” from some higher potency strains. 10-20% THC, this is no bottom of the barrel low-testing strain, but if you grow it outdoors, you’ll definitely be able to keep it from getting near 20%.

This strain is going to lollipop and stock to the stem. Very easy for curing if you’re feeling lazy. This is definitely a strain that has been know to be chopped, immediately hung upside down, and dried outdoors. I wouldn’t recommend that unless you’re someplace arid, as the worst thing you can have happen is a mold or mite attack during curing. You’ve come 95% of the way and now your plant is unsmokable? Don’t throw caution into the wind when you’re curing this, but know, you could essentially just invert the whole chopped plant like a tumbleweed on a wall at a cheap chain restaurant that sells American BBQ, and it would cure.

This strain is going to be great either way you grow it and you’re going to enjoy its nice energizing high. This Sativa will get you up and going in the morning. You don’t have to worry about it making you sleepy unless you smoke it before bed – if you do that you’re asking for a night of tossing and turning.

African Buzz from Seedsman is truly a prize piece if global genetics as far as cannabis seeds go – buy them now if you’re trying to make your grow more globalized!

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