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Strain Profile: Agent Orange

One of the miraculous happenings with the legal marijuana market in Colorado is its “bargain shelf”. Walk into a recreational dispensary, and they are bound to have some sort of daily special. Most places have their bud organized in a tier system, with the lowest being the cheapest.

The lower “shelf” cannabis strains, on average are quite good. These are the plants that succeed in terms of yield by weight, but not always yield by THC content. Recently, I nearly dropped my tea when I was checking the market rates for cannabis in my area. Seeing seven grams for thirty-seven US was enough to make me re-read. That pricing comes from 1. Legalizing cannabis, 2. Producing it like any other regulated product. The sooner the UK legalizes safe access to cannabis for consenting adults, is the sooner you can get your quarter-ounce of strain specific cannabis for twenty-two pounds.

The strain I picked up this week was quite solid in terms of taste, and I have to recommend it. Agent Orange is a very tasty sativa dominant hybrid. I normally don’t tiptoe into the land of Sativa’s – but a hybrid with citrus scents is always able to convince me. Agent Orange was definitely a zippy high for me, and I would recommend that anyone who doesn’t like the high energy feeling of a sativa should approach this more carefully than others. It’s not named after Vietnam-era chemical warfare herbicide for nothing.

If you are someone who needs an early morning buzz, or uses cannabis to help boost his or her confidence in social settings, this is definitely a good variety. In terms of taste, it’s impeccable. The orange flavor was really fine-tuned in this variety. It tastes and smells just like a freshly peeled orange. This is a strain that if you can vaporize, you should. Not to say that the crude combustion of these buds won’t provide a fruity taste, but if you have the ability to vaporize the essentials from the plant without sullying their taste with the burnt flavor of the actual plant – by all means, do that.

This is a fruity tasting strain that might not tip the scales in terms of raw potency, but if you’re looking to grow big outdoors, this is the variant you want. These plants can easily exceed 3m outdoors and have been known to have thick and hearty stalks through and through.

Agent Orange is going to be a plant that you kind of have to hack away at to get to the buds. Don’t expect a shimmering sea of trichomes at the top of your garden like some strains. Expect dense, chunky, flat-topped buds tucked away in a pile of fan leaves.

While you may feel like you’re shucking an oyster when it comes time to trim, believe me, it will all pay off. In Denver this past fall, one of the most popular medical varieties was Agent Orange. All because it tastes great when vaped.

This isn’t your “sit-me-down” and “melt-my-face” indica. This isn’t your “seeing through my eyelids” sativa. This is your zippy and light, very fun to grow, orange hybrid that you can’t pass up. If you want to grow outdoors this summer, get some Agent Orange seeds if you like the taste of oranges, or if you want a sturdy and bushy sativa dominant hybrid.

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