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Strain Profile: Alien Fire Fruit

Try to say that ten times fast, and then add some to your cart through Seedsman. This is a strain that, if it’s not in stock, sign up to be notified.

When the descriptors of this strain (or any strain for that matter) refer to its “excellent pedigree”, take note. This bud is going to be extremely tasty and sweet. OG Raskal, one of A.F.F’s proud parent genetics is a marvel in and of itself. OG’s are prized for their quick onset and dulling high. This is a genepool within the cannabis community that was bread for its fast and strong effects that can be traced back to the high-resin content kush and Afghani genetics. Even though my love for Indica’s and the fruity-smelling buds is burning, this is absolutely a hybrid. Fruity? Yes. Sweet? Definitely. Even with the heavy upper eyelids, and the immaculate body-buzz, this strain still quantifies as a hybrid. Expect a mellow and relaxed high, but don’t use this if you’re trying to go to bed. This strain has many of the effects of an indica, without the hashy and lethargic feeling of a puddle of glue. It’s going to be a fun strain, and it might make you feel a little spacy. This won’t be your afternoon puff, or your before-bed bowl. This is a fantastic hybrid, and it should be used like one.

Guava #13 is going to be the flavor aspect of this strain. Without this parent, we’d be talking about a purely “chemmy” and sharp smelling plant. This addition of the Guava #13 genes brings in a sweet and smooth flavor to the otherwise clean and sour aroma.

This is a hybrid that any breeder can understand. The knockdown power of the OG parent crossed with a sweet and smooth Guava leaves us with Alien Fire Fruit. A potent hybrid that smells like somebody topped a freshly cut fruit salad with the slightest drizzle of high octane jet fuel. It’s marvelously different.

I would recommend this strain to anybody that wants to make their own hybrid (take notes), wants a very “different” bouquet of flavors and tastes than what they might be used to, or anybody trying to make an extract.

This strain would be a prime strain for extracting – it has a distinctly vibrant odor to it, and as far as potencies go, its heavy artillery.

If you’ve never extracted before, start small. Don’t go ordering a blasting tube and mat before you realize you need a vacuum purge with a closed loop system. How about you start with some tincture, which is very similar to brewing tea. You’ll need a solvent (for your THC to bind to) as well as a big pile of cannabis. The science is still “out” on how long you soak what in what, how much light it should be exposed to, or even what to soak in. Alien fruit fire will fair well in any mixture – it’s strong and flavorful.

We know that high proof alcohol (150-180) as well as vegetable glycerin are able to absorb THC and the other cannabinoids. We also know, from edibles, that decarboxylation is essential. You can either decarboxylate your cannabis before mixing it into your tincture “solution”, or after by heating up your tincture like a soup. In my experience it’s easiest to decarb the cannabis on its own in an oven, then mix it with the solvent. Let that solution soak. Some people say three hours, some say three weeks. Some people say “shake it” some people say “let it sit”. Some people do this in a freezer, some people do this in their basement. Regardless of your duration of soak, temperature, solvent, or ratio of solvent to cannabis, filter it. Use a strainer, and then some unbleached coffee filters. Dose carefully and cautiously before you perfect your own.

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