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Strain Profile: Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze from Soma Seeds is an absolute must for cannabis users that are fond of bubbly and upbeat hybrids, as well as delightfully “stoney” haze genetics. Amnesia Haze is very balanced hybrid – there is just enough sativa to keep you from falling asleep, and just enough indica to make your eyes squint.

Online I’ve read that Amnesia is “mostly sativa” and my experience was more of a 60/40 sativa dominant rather than a 70/30 or 80/20 split. A hybrid like this is perfect for early morning smoking, mid afternoon sessions, and even before dinner. I wouldn’t recommend this strain for your “before bed bowl” because it will be a slightly more active and cerebral high despite the heavy body effects from the Indica genetics.

This bud is a heavy hitter – I wouldn’t smoke this with the plans to do something technical in the hours following. Amnesia is a great weekend wake-n-bake strain as well as a perfect strain to smoke after a long day’s work. It won’t knock you out, it won’t give you a big rush of energy – it will simply get you really stoned.

The name is great in my mind, and it’s quite fitting – most of my days spent with this bud have been airy, confusing, and drawn out. If you’re looking for a more mild variety, but you want a sativa dominant hybrid, I’d steer clear of this. This is a longer, and more drawn-out high. Don’t expect to get much done.

The bud structure on this strain could have an entire article of it’s own. Huge cola’s that are very chuncky, and dense are what you should expect to harvest from this – don’t look for popcorn nugs – this strain doesn’t make them. This is definitely top three in what I have seen for bud size – I once got an ounce of this stuff that was only five or six nugs in total. It was a full ounce – you just don’t need a lot of extra large buds to total twenty-eight grams.

In terms of color it’s a pretty light green shade of haze. There are, bright orange hairs and a lot of trichomes all over the cartoonishly large buds. This is a strain that I would recommend to be grown all on it’s own, rather than a mixed bag environment. I think it will be easier to tend to the needs of a bunch of large cola bearing plants at once, rather than having to tend to a variety of different sorts of buds. I also recommend growing this on its own because it has a very unique flavor profile. Think Super Silver Haze with just a touch of lemon and pine. I have never been a fan of “piney” scented or flavored weed, but this caught my pallet as a pleasantly light and flavorful aroma of citrus and spring.

Check out Amnesia Haze from Soma Seeds and you definitely won’t be disappointed by the amazing size and light flavor of it’s hybrid and potent buds.

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