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Strain Profile – Amnesia XXL Auto from Dinafem

Amnesia XXL Autoflowering Feminised Seeds is going to be an absolutely stellar garden. I highly recommend growing this strain in  a single-strain environment because since it is such a large and lanky plant, it’s going to need its own special set of tender-love and care. If you have the space for it, by all means, grow these big plants indoors, but take a serious look under characteristics at their maximum height of 1.7m and you’ll realize why this has XXL added to the name. Just remember that the 1.7 m doesn’t factor in the distance between the top cola and the light source, nor does it factor in how big or deep your grow medium will be. Prepare for big plants and use the “measure twice, cut once” mentality that any hardware store employee utilizes and you’ll be golden.

As far as the high goes, I can attest personally that Amnesia Haze is a really delightful and spacey high. I always get my hands on this from a grower friend I know whenever I pickup in Michigan – its one of the few Sativa’s that I have really come to love. This strain won’t give me racing or cascading thoughts (where everything in your consciousness sort of bleeds into the next things in your consciousness). That can happen to users and it is most commonly reported with high THC sativa strains (which Amnesia Haze definitely is). That edgy “when is this going to be over?” type of high is nothing like the high you’ll get from Amnesia Haze. This is definitely a longer and more drawn out high and that’s very indicative of this being a higher potency sativa – so if you’re new to cannabis experiences and just want to “dip a toe in” – maybe steer clear of this strain because it’s got some long and drawn out high. Don’t expect to get a lot done in the hours following your high.

This is a great strain for a full day of use, maybe you’re out in nature all day – anything where you have a leisurely day of low-intensity activities is going to be amazing with this strain. You will have the energy to be productive with this upbeat and giggly high, which is why I love this strain as one of my few sativa’s. The high is definitely a little less coherent and somewhat “foggy” which is where this strain gets its “Amnesia” name from. Just be aware that this strain isn’t known for a short novelty high, this is a strain that is bluntly going to hit you over the head.

Light and lemony, lanky and thinner buds – this strain is gorgeous in the traditional sativa sense. This strain might not look like it has a lot of meat on its bones, but there are buds there, and believe me they are sticky. Cured properly this should have a very sticky and almost glue-like feel in the hand. It smells light and zesty with some hefty lemon overtones. This bud is absolutely phenomenal and you don’t want to pass it up – check out Seedsman’s Dinafem catalog today!

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